People Search Online
People Search Online

5 Simple Ways to Find People From the Internet

Awais Ahmed

Internet contains unlimited information. One of the most popular activities on the web is finding information about other people. The massive amount of information on the Internet makes it easier for us to find people than ever before. We have numerous online tools to do so.

Everyone might have different reasons to track people’s online presence. Some may want to reconnect with their friends after losing touch while others may want to figure out the identity of unknown numbers. Nevertheless, here are 5 websites where you can conduct people search.

Google Groups

Google is everywhere. This is probably one of the convincing medium to find someone on the Internet. It has a large database with conversations dating back to 1981. It is an ideal way to recall your memory.


This website stands out amongst other platforms. This avenue is unique when it comes to finding people on the Internet. This website resorts to genealogy tools when it comes to linking family connections of living relatives. It is a good platform to identify branches of a family tree as it provides a list of family members and likely acquaintances of anyone just by plugging in their name and the state they reside in. The address listings are surprisingly accurate as well. The reason why this tool is preferred because it can identify specific addresses where someone lived previously. You can visit that area and learn more about the person you are trying to track down.


Social media is at its boom and Facebook is an inherent part of this picture. Not only it has enhanced communication and socialization, but is in fact a very effective tool to find people on the Internet. You can easily find a lost friend or relative by searching their name in the Facebook search field. There is high tendency that the person you are looking for have an existing Facebook profile. Once you have found the profile, you can look for the details. You may get details like email address, contact numbers and residential address if they have uploaded them on their profiles.

Find People Search

This platform basically generates basic background check teaser information which can be highly beneficial when you are trying to learn about a person. This website allows you to acquire more information about others. It even provides a map with location of that person and you can even look for further information.


Zabasearch is a free people search engine that can be utilized to acquire incredible amount of information. Most of the information is surprisingly accurate. For free public access, you can search by what is available in the public domain.


At some point in time, you will need to find someone’s information and nothing is better than Internet in this scenario. Internet has unlimited information that can assist you in conducting effective people search. Consider the above options if you even come across such need.