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What are the Different Kinds of Wedding Rings?

Are you confused about your special day? Of course, you are. No pair of bride and groom has ever had a smooth-sailing wedding process. The dress, the rings, the venue the menu, it’s all so overwhelming because there are like, an infinite number of choices! Thank God for websites like Veveq for making things slightly easier.

The ring is an especially important part of this day because the ring stays with you forever. You need to flaunt it, you need to look at it to remind you of how much you love each other, you need to show it to your future generations and what not.

One thing you must remember is that you need to both be involved in the ring selection process. This is because even though surprises are great gestures, they may go wrong from time to time. So to make your choices easier, here are some common different kinds of wedding rings.

Solitaires – a Classic

Solitaires are the most common kinds of wedding rings. They have been in the game for hundreds of years now. They include a usually thin and simple band with a stone (usually a diamond) in the center. If you are looking to keeping things traditional, the solitaire is the way to go.

Side-Stone Rings

Side-stone rings are much fancier than the solitaire. They have a big stone in the center; it is sometimes lifted to appear more dazzling. The sides of the band are surrounded by many small stones. This ring truly shows that you have not held back with your wedding preps!

Sometimes, the small stones only cover half the band of the ring and sometimes there are only three or four small stones on each side of the large stone.

Fusion Rings

Fusion rings are thick wedding rings which are formed when two wedding rings are joined together. The band is quite thick and usually plain. On the center, you find a large stone, sometimes two. The fusion ring is usually made by joining the bride’s engagement ring and the wedding ring together. It is truly a beautiful sentiment; not to mention completely flashy!

Contemporary Rings

Contemporary rings come in many types. Almost all of them stick to the tradition of having a stone in the center. But other than that, the band has a unique and sometimes very modern design. It could have patterns of vines and flowers and leaves, or it could have a spiraling band.

Sometimes the large, center stone is skipped altogether. This is then replaced by a widening of the band with some sort of detail. This could be a flower pattern or a meshwork of the metal of the ring with small stones embedded.


If you really want to do something unique, you can have your rings custom-made. Veveq has many custom options of wedding rings. You could make a special gesture by customizing the ring to suit what she loves, a gothic design or a nature-lover’s wreath maybe?