Tips for Saving Even More on Amazon Prime Day 2019

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Prime Day is a successful 48-hour event run by Amazon, offering amazing bargains you might not find throughout the year. 

If you plan on taking part in this year’s event, here are a few tips to help you make the most out of it.

Sign up to Prime

Over 100 million people across the world are now Prime members, a milestone hit by the e-commerce giant early this year. One of the many benefits you receive as a Prime member is being able to take part in Prime Day. Yes, the sales event is only open to prime members, hence the “Prime Day” title. 

If you’re not sure about subscribing to Prime, you can sign up for free and cancel at any time within 30 days (or as soon as Prime Day is over). Keep in mind you will only be able to sign up for this offer once with a single email address. 

Download the Amazon app 

If you don’t have the Amazon app (you must be out there somewhere), it’s well worth downloading for Prime Day. 

You will be able to check out upcoming deals before the event starts. If you go to “Today’s Deals” in the drop down menu and click on “upcoming deals” you will find a host of deals with a countdown to when they go live. 

You can also track the deals you like by clicking “watch this deal”, you will receive an alert the moment it goes live on Prime Day. The app will notify you of when your deal is expiring, meaning you won’t lose track of the bargains you’re following.

Extra tip: Here was a tip sourced by a user from the Hotukdeals community. If you’ve had a regular Amazon account since March and have not signed up to the app yet, Amazon are giving you £10 off a £30+ spend. All you need to do is download the Amazon and app and the £10 coupon will be discounted at the checkout.

There are a limited number of coupons available and once they’re gone, they’re gone. You should be eligible for the £10 off voucher if a notification appears on your browser whilst logged in on Amazon. 

Learn about Lightning Deals

Lightning Deals will be where it is happening on Prime Day. You may be familiar with these deals already as they are a regular feature on Amazon which any shopper can purchase. In a nutshell, Lightning Deals are limited time offers that end as soon as the stock runs out.

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If the deal is 100% claimed, not to worry, you can add yourself to the deal waiting list and if someone changes their mind and drops out, you will have another chance at grabbing the bargain.

These offers will feature under “Todays Deals” and are completely exclusive to Prime Day members throughout the 2 day event.

Use alternative comparison sites

Prime Day has transformed into more than a sales event. Amazon put on a huge concert for Prime members to attend, with musical talent such as Taylor Swift headlining. Prime Day is becoming such a phenomenon that their competitors, Walmart, Target and eBay have all announced their own big sales events running this July.

However, if the immediacy and stress of trying to catch a deal in a short amount of time isn’t your thing, look for similar sites that will offer deals outside of the Prime Day slot. Popular options like Deal News for the US and Hotukdeals for the UK have thousands of new deals posted from across the internet, all year round. Make sure you do your research and check out different deal sites to find the one that works best for you.

Narrow down what you need to buy 

It’s easy enough said than done, but restricting yourself to things that you are sure you want to buy is a sensible way to operate. Prime Day is built around impulse purchasing and encourages it with countdown timers and Lightning Deals that play on a fear of missing out or FOMO. 

Make a list of the specific item you want or even the ballpark you want to be searching in will ensure you don’t get sidetracked. This not only helps you focus on snagging the best deals but also helps you not regret buying that chocolate fountain that was a deal “too good not to buy”.

If you are serious about finding the best deals on the Prime Day, do some research into last year’s most attractive bargains. Deal guides like the one from Toms Guide will give you a break down of the biggest deals that went down last year, you’ll then have an inkling into what to expect from this year’s event.   

The best deals will usually be on Amazon’s own product range, as they are able to give the biggest discounts on their own products. If you’re planning on purchasing that Fire Stick or Echo Dot, hold off until the 15th.

Use price history sites

It’s one thing getting caught up in the excitement of bargains popping up and vanishing every 2 minutes. But how can you be sure you are getting a good deal? 

One way to check is by using price history sites to that track how much a product has been selling for over the last year. Dedicated sites like CameCamelCamel and Keepa track the price history of Amazon products. All you need to do is paste the product URL into their tool and it will show when it was at its cheapest. 


Similar sites like PriceSpy will also check the price history on sites other than Amazon, to give you an overall picture of the best price across the web.  

Get cashback 

Maximize your savings by signing up to cashback sites like Topcashback or Mr. Rebates. Signing up to these services means you can get cashback on most of your online shopping purchases. Last year Cnet found examples of Mr. Rebates offering 5% cashback on furniture, 4% on jewelry and even 6% on Amazon devices like the Echo. 

price list

Cash-back sites have been known to boost these savings especially for Prime Day, so don’t forget to check them out and grab the bonuses while you can.

In my experience the more prepared you are for Prime Day, the more satisfying the experience will be. And remember, many of the tools listed can be used year-round as informative money saving devices.