The Best Diaper Subscription in 2019 Will Save You Hundreds

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Parents dread the thought of running out of baby diapers in the middle of the night. But, this can be quickly resolved by subscribing to a diaper delivery service where your choice of diapers and wipes will be delivered right to your doorstep each month. 

Before we talk about the best diaper subscription, it’s important to understand why these subscriptions are such a great option in the first place. Especially if you’re a bit hesitant when it comes to subscribing to a diaper service, you might want to consider the benefits that they bring from babyhood, all the way through potty training.

Benefits of Diaper Subscription Services 

You can save money. Raising a baby can be quite expensive. Even before your little one arrives, the cost of building your nursery and buying baby products will be significant. Add to this the cost of purchasing disposable diapers and wipes. Did you know, according to a USDA report, the average cost of child-related expenses just in the first year of a baby’s life is around $12,000? And that figure is based on a 2010 comprehensive report. This is why it’s essential for new parents in 2019, to consider how you will be able to save money, while still ensuring that your little one is getting the best diapers for their delicate skin. 

Never run out of diapers. Another example of the benefits of diaper subscription is that you will never run out of disposable diapers.  It’s never fun waking up to a crying baby who soiled themselves, only to find, that no longer do you have a clean diaper around. You can imagine what this can do to your baby’s sensitive skin. Baby subscription services remove this kind of situation. Just think you never have to be on top of your “diaper inventory”. With all that new parents have to remember, no mom wants to count diapers.  

Save Yourself Time and Hassle. What is another benefit of a diaper subscription? Well, aside from saving money, utilizing a diaper subscription service is a convenience that all parents are sure to enjoy. After all, diapers are a necessity for your baby’s first few years of life. There’s just no getting around that fact. And time is an invaluable commodity when you have a baby, so you don’t want to waste time running out for diapers. Plus, having to make an unexpected early-morning diaper run can disturb your baby’s routine and who wants to wake up a baby who took a long time to fall asleep?

Free shipping. The advantage of diaper subscription services is that some manufacturers provide free shipping. You simply choose how often you want your diapers delivered, and it will be shipped free to your home. 

MADE OF is The Best Diaper Subscription in 2019 – Here’s Why

woman and baby

The MADE OF manufacturers had babies (and their parents) in mind when they created their diapers and diaper service. 

Super Simple + Best Value for your Money 

For first-time parents who want to make their lives easier when a baby arrives while learning how to take care of their infant, the MADE OF diaper subscription membership is a perfect solution. Here’s how diaper subscription services work. Choose from either the Basic or Deluxe diaper subscription package and your diapers (or diapers and wipes) will be delivered for free, every 3 weeks, 5 weeks, or monthly, on the dates that you choose. This beats having to pack up the baby and go out to shop. Just select the diaper size and frequency.  What’s more, is that it is hassle-free and you can cancel anytime. 

There are two MADE OF diaper subscription options to consider. 

  • Diapers only subscription. Included per month- 6 packs of diapers filled with super soft, ultra-absorbent, 10-hour leak free diapers to use on your little one. Choosing this option can help you to save up to $300 every year. (Diaper packs are available in 21-44 count depending on size.) 

Subscription Price – $60
(Compared to $78 without subscription) 

  • Diapers & wipes subscription. Included per month- 6 packs of diapers plus 4 baby wipe packs. (Each baby wipe container is 80 count. Diaper packs are available in 21-44 count depending on size.)
    Subscription Price – $80
    (Compared to $110 without subscription)  

Superior Absorbancy
MADE OF disposable diapers come with a 10-hour leak free guarantee and comes with a wetness indicator, so you will know when it is time to change your little one’s soiled diapers.  It’s made from fluff pulp and superabsorbent polymer with a non-woven front and side panels to keep your little one cool and comfy.  

Certified Non-Toxic & Eco-Friendly
MADE OF organic diapers are absorbent diapers that are safe for your baby. Their hypoallergenic diapers have gone through extensive testing verifying that their diapers are free of allergens. MADE OF diapers are bacteria-free, bleach free, and fungi free. These diapers are perfect for your newborn as their sensitive skin may be prone to irritation and diaper rash. Other advantages include being free from chemicals like parabens, petrochemicals, and phthalates.

MADE OF has also received accreditations from the following alliances, assuring you, the parent that you’re getting a better baby diaper. You can easily view these certifications on their product page: 

Rainforest Alliance. This is a growing network of foresters, farmers, scientists, environmentalists, businesses, communities, and governments that work together to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods. 

Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). This group represents the world’s most extensive forest certification system. Their high standards seek to transform the way forests are managed globally, as well as locally so that everyone can enjoy the environmental, social, and economic benefits of the woods.

Social Accountability 8000 Standard. This is the leading social certification standard for factories and organizations throughout the world. It measures performance in 8 areas that are important for social accountability in workplaces. It is anchored by a management system element that focuses on continuous improvement in all areas that is covered by the 8000 Standard.

ISO 9001:2008. This accreditation specifies requirements for a quality management system where manufacturers must consistently provide a product that meets customer and regulatory requirements.

Why Choose MADE OF Diapers with the Baby Wipe Option?

woman and baby

While you are checking out MADE OF’s diaper subscription service, you’re probably wondering what makes their baby wipes different from other brands. Let’s take a closer look: 

  • For starters, their wipes are alcohol and chemical-free, which means that it will not dry your little one’s skin. 
  • MADE OF wipes are made with plant-based ingredients as well as nourishing oils that can remove any residue on your little one’s skin without triggering any irritation on your baby’s sensitive skin. 
  • You don’t have to worry about any absorption of harmful chemicals because MADE OF only uses organic ingredients. 
  • As with all their products, MADE OF Soothing Organic Baby Wipes are soy-free, nuts-free, fungi-free, bleach-free, and bacteria-free. There are no GMO’s used in the making of these wipes. 

Benefits of Disposable Diapers

woman and child

Your parents may have used disposable diapers when you were a baby, and now that you have a baby, you may be thinking of turning to disposables as well. There are several benefits associated with this type of diaper, such as: 


Cloth diapers require washing, whereas disposable diapers can be simply thrown away after use. That takes time, laundry products, and electricity/gas usage. It may even cost money for gas if you don’t have laundry facilities in your home or where you live. What’s more is that, if cloth diapers are not properly laundered, there is a risk of bacterial contamination, which can lead to an infection. 

Organic Options 

Depending on the brand that you are going to use, some disposable diapers are made of organic components, free of toxic chemicals, meaning that they are safe for your little one’s sensitive skin. Take note, however;  not all diapers are hypoallergenic because some manufacturers can add chemicals without mentioning them in the labels. These chemicals are often hidden as fragrances and parabens. 

Good for quick changes

Another advantage to disposable diapers is that they are useful when it comes to quick changes – the less time you spend changing diapers, the better for you and your baby. They are easy to use when you travel as well. You don’t have to worry about carrying soiled diapers around with you.

Saves Space

Cloth diapers are bulky, as are diaper covers. You have to set aside a good amount of closet space for storing these items.

Conclusion:  The Best Diaper Subscription Will Save You Hundreds 

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to subscribing to diaper services, and now you know, precisely why, MADE OF is the best diaper subscription of 2019. So if you are expecting a baby, or already have an infant in your home, getting a MADE OF diaper subscription is highly recommended. Not only will it be convenient for you, but it will save you plenty of money. MADE OF offers the perfect organic diapers, as well as, a bath, and skin care product line that will take your baby from babyhood to toilet training and beyond, safely and comfortably!