Design and Functionality of AirRam Mk2 and Gtech
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Design and Functionality of AirRam Mk2 and Gtech Coupons 

In this post we review the functionality and design of the new AirRam Mk2, as well as the latest Gtech promotional codes and deals.

The Gtech AirRam Mk2 is an upgraded version of the Gtech AirRam. Other than its usual feature of being upright and the convenience of being portable and cordless, the upgrades include headlights, a clever new bin, and a modified suction system that makes picking up dirt of varying sizes easier. It is a useful and convenient floor cleaner, but it cannot replace the traditional vacuum cleaners that come with attachments.

Design and functionality

The Gtech AirRam Mk2 is an upright cordless vacuum cleaner that runs on 22v lithium-ion batteries. It weighs 3.5kg, which means that it is lighter than most upright vacuum cleaners but slightly heavier than most stick vacuum cleaners.

It’s a floor cleaner with no tools or attachments. The piece has no cylinder like the one in the traditional upright vacuum cleaners.

It has a motorised brush bar that beats up dirt before a fan sucks it into the bin. The Mk2 has a pair of large and a pair of small wheels under the unit, making cleaning a hard floor an easy task. It has AirLOCtechnology, which means it has been uniquely designed to pick up larger objects as well as fine debris. This is made possible by the additional resistance going backwards due to little flaps that flick down and lock into place. Manoeuvrability is aided by the motorized brush bar, which is powerful enough to allow the cleaner to move forward by itself.

The new bin occupies roughly a quarter of the base unit. It compresses the dirt into a capsule. The 0.8 litre bin can hold 2.4 litters of dust and debris. When removing dirt, slide the ejector arm and the compressed dirt will go straight into the bin, making little to no mess in the process.

Design and Functionality of AirRam Mk2 and Gtech

The base unit also has a foot-operated power switch and removable battery block. The battery runs for a 40 minutes from a four-hour charge. It has four stage LED lights to indicate how much power is left.

The Gtech AirRam Mk2 has headlights to show where dust may have been missed. Its stick remains a telescopic pole with two handles, one to push it and one to carry it. It is easy to assemble and, with its plastic durable bodyand improved motor,Gtech guarantees it for two years.

Why Gtech AirRam Mk2?

The GtechAirRam has battery life of up to 40 minutes and that is longer than their competitors can promise. Though not as adjustable as most of its competitors, the Gtech AirRam Mk2 does its work fairly well. It is a nice addition to an already existing vacuum cleaner but not a replacement for an earlier model.

The Price and Discount Codes for Gtech AirRam Mk2

The Gtech AirRam Mk2 goes for prices that peak at around £199 at Gtech. They have a 2-year guarantee if anything goes wrong with the product as a result of faulty manufacturing. They also have a 30-day money back guarantee if the product is not satisfactory. There is also an option to have it replaced with another product of the customer’s choice upon return.

Gtech coupons are much sought after but not always available. When applied they give you money off your order or offer you free shipping.

Gtech discount code MN36 promises to take £20 Off AirRam cleaner.

Also, Gtech promo code HD35 can save £20 when applied to your shopping cart.

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