CES 2009: VIZIO joins the streaming media television bandwagon

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CES 2009: VIZIO joins the streaming media television bandwagon

Las Vegas (NV) – Television manufacturer VIZIO is joining the growing number of consumer electronics companies adding streaming media content to the home media room. It announced today its new Connected HDTV platform, built upon a wireless platform.

VIZIO said that new televisions developed under this platform will sport built-in wired Internet connections, but also will include 802.11n wireless networking. These connectivity options, making use of both the Yahoo Widget Engine and Adobe Flash Lite, will provide VIZIO customers with access to a wide variety of Internet content providers.

VIZIO already has on-board for this project such services as Amazon Video on Demand, Blockbuster OnDemand, Flickr, Netflix, Pandora and Real’s Rhapsody. The costs of these services will not be bundled though – individual providers will have their own free or pay for structures, depending upon the type of content being offered.

A special VIZO remote will be used for primary interaction with the Connected HDTV platform. Consumers can expect new televisions built with this technology to be available this fall.