Integra announces HD DVD player

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Integra announces HD DVD player

Denver (CO) – Home theater specialist Integra announced this week that it is planning to ship a new HD DVD player by the end of the year.

Integra, known for its high-end audio/video equipment, said the new player will support 1080p/24 frames-per-second video, a built-in HQV Reon VX processor, and an Ethernet port.

Additionally, it will have a series of high-end DACs for custom home automation and analog A/V connections.  It is set to be one of the most expensive players for the holiday season, with a suggested retail price of around $1,100.

Despite its widely reported negative outlook, HD DVD, which is highly supported by Toshiba, has gained increasing interest from third-party manufacturers.  Even though several big-name companies have come forward with Blu-ray Disc players, Sony branded devices account for more than 90% of the standalone Blu-ray players that have been sold, according to Home Media.

Meanwhile, more than a half dozen companies will have HD DVD players available for the holiday season, with support for non-Toshiba players more enticing, including a slightly toned down player from Venturer that is expected to retail for less than $200.


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