Creative and Playskool try to hook babies and kids on mp3 players

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Creative and Playskool try to hook babies and kids on mp3 players

Las Vegas (NV) – Among some of the wackier gadgets at the recently completed Consumer Electronics Show were some mp3 players designed for babies and kids.

Creative’s MP3 players for babies (8 pictures) …

The “Made for Me” line of colorful player and speaker systems were designed by Creative in partnership with Playskool, a company known for their child toys. A dockable player comes pre-loaded with songs and can be popped into other Made for Me systems as the child gets older and their tastes change.

For babies, Creative and Playskool will sell a 2-in-1 Infant Gym, which resembles a typical mobile above cribs. A separately sold “Digital Music Player” will be docked into Gym and play either preloaded songs or songs downloaded from a computer. Parents can also record their own voice and have it played back.

Creative is also selling the Day To Dream Soother which is a carry-along player that will project lights on the ceiling. Like the Infant Gym, parents will also need to buy a separate dockable player.

The Made for Me line will be available in Fall of 2007. The Digital Music Player will retail for $80, while the Day to Dream Soother and the 2-in-1 Infant Gym will sell for $35 and $40, respectively.