Microsoft’s latest offerings to get wired with TV

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Microsoft's latest offerings to get wired with TV

Roger Kay wanted to watch the vice-presidential debate last week, but his family went out to dinner, so his kids weren’t in bed until 20 minutes after the show began.

But Kay, a PC industry analyst in the Boston area, was testing a computer with Microsoft’s new Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 software, and it worked as promised: The system recorded the show onto the computer hard-drive.

With the kids tucked in, Kay went to his couch and used a remote control to run the PC connected to his TV. The debate played from the beginning, even while the rest of it was still being recorded.

Whether he had caught the debate or not, Kay believes that computers that function as TV tuners, video recorders and music players will account for a fourth of all consumer PCs sold in the world by 2008.

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