Gracenote develops voice control for digital entertainment devices

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Gracenote develops voice control for digital entertainment devices

Gracenote and Scansoft today announced to jointly develop voice control and response applications for digital entertainment devices. The foundation of the technology will be Gracenote’s music metadata that are combined with Scansoft’s embedded speech solutions. The goal is to create “command-and-control dictionaries”, the firms said.

According to a statement released on Tuesday, Gracenote and Scansoft believe that the new technology will enable device manufacturers to quickly deploy speech recognition technology in many types of digital entertainment devices and offer more convenience controlling consumer electronics. Products will provide consumers with hands-free access to their entire music collections in the car, at home or on the go, Gracenote said.

Features include playing any individual song or movie out of a collection, just by saying its name and instantly hearing a new mix, such as music from specific genres, artists, albums, regions, decades, or years, or view a movie by a favorite actor or director. Consumers will also be able to get background on a currently playing track. (THG)