High-Tech keyboard integrates LCD in every key

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High-Tech keyboard integrates LCD in every key

A reader informed us that Russian design studio “Art. Lebedev Studio” has completed a prototype of its stylish “Optimus” High-Tech keyboard. What makes this keyboard different than any other product of its kind is the fact that every single key on the keyboard integrates an LCD display, 123 in total: Since many keys enable different functions in different applications, this approach allows the Optimus device to always display the keys a current available feature: This comes in handy especiall in shortcut-extensive applications such as Photoshop or in games. There is even a set of keys that can be configured to launch certain applications.

At this time, the Optimus is a prototype and we would hope that the device will find its way into production, even if this would mean a price that is likely to be several times that of today’s performance keyboards. (THG)