How to Clean PC and Printer: Step by Step

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Check here the best way to keep your computer always clean. Look, keeping personal hygiene is a daily obligation and still does well for our health, avoiding illness and for our well being, is not it ?! But cleaning the computer or notebook should also be a habit because they gather a lot of dust causing allergy and other health problems. So, come with me, come on and check out the top tips for keeping your computer clean!

Cleaning a desktop or notebook always generates many doubts, for example, which product to use, which material can be used to avoid scratching, so be aware of the tips and clarify your doubts. Use only sponges and soft, lint-free cloths. In fact, apply this rule to any material: do not use anything that can scratch your screen. To clean the outside, use the cloth or sponge moistened with water, with detergent. Nothing too wet, or you will damage the computer if any droplets can get inside the device.

The keyboard is certainly the dirtiest component. And to clean it you need patience: use a cloth moistened with isopropyl alcohol and clean one by one. If you are cleaning a notebook, expect to dry completely before closing it. For Mac users, it is worth remembering that Apple devices have a more delicate finish and, therefore, the care with cleaning must be redoubled.

Cleaning of LCD screens

Do not wipe with damp cloth; the correct way to wipe screens from your notebook and computer is dry with a soft, lint-free antistatic cloth. To remove fingerprints, apply a small amount of isopropyl alcohol to the cloth. To optimize your work, in addition to these tips you will need the best equipment. Knowing all the new releases in notebooks, tablets, desktop computers, printers and accessories will help. You can find lots of information about your printer accessories online. For example, if you use a HP printer, you might need to find a recommended site that sells HP printer parts.

Cleaning the printer

It’s recommended to see your printer’s manual from the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning procedures. But if it is not deep and delicate cleaning, you can follow some basic tips to keep the equipment clean and in perfect condition. Every day, wipe with a clean cloth moistened with water on the outside of the printer and on the table where it is placed, thereby reducing the amount of dust in the room.

Internal cleaning

For internal cleaning, open the lid and remove any waste paper and other materials. You can use the cloth or a flexible cotton swab to clean the smaller, harder areas to reach. But be careful not to clean the scroll bar of the carriage because the grease has the function of facilitating the movement of the device.

Head cleaning

Head cleaning is one of the standard ways in which the printer performs a cleaning process by removing ink that has clotted at the bottom of the cartridge so that the ink can flow back smoothly and can be used normally again. This method is usually done when our printer cartridge is in a dirty condition. The cause of the ink does not come out is the condition of the cartridge that has been dirty, thus clogging the ink flow.

Head cleaning and deep cleaning are different from each other. Both have different meanings. If the head cleaning is done when there is a problem with a dirty cartridge as described earlier, then deep cleaning is a cleaning process with a maximum level of cleaning.

The purpose of head cleaning is to avoid ink leaking or overflowing, smoothing the flow of ink when doing the printing process and is one way to routinely treat the printer so that the device remains in normal and optimal state.

The many brands of printers sold in the market have various specifications and characteristics. This affects the way of treatment and how to use it. Although the steps used are relatively the same (outline), but often they are quite different in detail. Did you like the tips? Clean up frequently and enjoy these appliances more comfortably and peacefully!