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Analyzing And Fixing Facebook’s Death Spiral

Facebook needs to become a company that people again trust and start behaving strategically because they are rapidly becoming buried by a sequence of bad tactical decisions that have to be reversed. If they don’t, the firm is likely to be both broken up and heavily regulated, which will likely, eventually, kill it.

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The Future of Collaborative SaaS Tools

With optimized remote collaboration, organizations will become more resilient when a disaster occurs, as team members have safe distribution across the world. While we wait for a workplace future running on the backbone of collaborative SaaS tools, we don’t have to keep riding the wave of a virtual marker on a cloud whiteboard.

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Introduction To Image Optimization

Get to learn what image optimizations is and why it is important in the performance of a website. Also learn some tips on image optimization.

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The Ultimate Apps for Android Devices

With thousands of Android apps available nowadays, it’s hard to decide the best fit for smartphone users. In this article, you will find some must-have Android apps that may suit your lifestyle.

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5 Reasons to Use Spotify

Find out here the 5 reasons to use a music streaming app like Spotify. This web app can also be accessed through desktop.

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