Gooroo Is Bringing a Personalized Approach to Remote Learning

Gooroo’s online platform was designed to meet and bridge the divide between the structure of the classroom and the convenience of remote learning. Their Virtual Classroom includes tools like drag and drop vocabulary and translations or collaborative coding that make it easy to show, not just tell.

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5 Ways to Prevent Fraud With AI and Machine Learning

To keep up with the pace of fraud and prevent it, businesses must shift their focus to AI to build superior fraud prevention models. Find out the four ways in which companies can leverage AI for anomaly detection and fraud prevention in this article.

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How Law Firms Can Leverage Innovative Tech to Grow

Most businesses and companies, if not all, are trying their best to adapt to the latest technological advancements. Law firms should not be exempt from this. But sometimes, they do not know where to start. Get some tech tips in this article.

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