A COVID-19 Review Pulls Talc Baby Powder from Shelves

There have been conflicting scientific studies done on talc-based products and their link to ovarian cancer. Some researchers argue that there is an increased risk of ovarian cancer when talc-based products are used on genital regions on a regular basis.


4 Types of Tech to Help the Next Generation Succeed

Whether you’re a developer looking to create some kid-focused software or a parent looking to know what your child should be doing on their device, it can be difficult to sort out what works best. Some good places to start include:


The Future of Graphic Design

The ever-changing world around us is loaded with continually evolving ideas & perceptions. Moreover, therefore creating secure visual messages is the ultimate goal of designers. The graphic design world will keep on understanding these changes and staying on top of the key graphic design trends.


Preparing for a Busy Hurricane Season During COVID-19

The exponential spread of the Covid-19 virus has been experienced globally since the start of 2020 and until this moment, we can still feel the severity of its effects. What makes it more complicated is that it is the Atlantic hurricane season again. Here in this article are some tips to stay safe during this season despite the pandemic.

Alexander Machkevitch-1

Alexander Machkevitch Supported the Opening of the Beit Shmuel Rehabilitation Center

Alexander Machkevitch is the President of the Eurasian Industrial Association, co-founder and co-owner of the Eurasian Resources Group (ERG). He made a contribution to the support of the Jewish community of Ukraine by financing the creation of the Beit Shmuel rehabilitation center, which was built in the city of Anatevka, the center of Jewish culture near Kyiv.