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Five tips for cycling safely around London

as any keen cyclists will know, travelling through the city by bike can be a little stressful or even dangerous if you’re not prepared. Below are five vital tips to ensure that you remain safe when on London’s busy roads.

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5 Ways to Find Adventure in the Outdoors This Summer

The sun is out, summer is here, and the great outdoors is calling. But before you know it, the days will start getting shorter and the leaves will start changing colors. Make the most of the summer while it’s here and find some adventure with these outdoor activities.

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Why Has There Been a Cycling Boom?

Riding a bike comes with many benefits, not only for your health but for the world around you. If your commute is driving you crazy, or you’re looking for a better form of exercise, cycling could be the simple solution you’ve been looking for.

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Which Indoor Sports Are Best For You

Rain, sleet or snow, you can always play indoor sports at any time. You get the perks of being indoors and the benefits of playing sports. Now, let’s help you decide which indoor sports are best for you.

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Video Assistant Referee Technology: A Hit Or Miss?

One of the world’s first full-time rugby referee, Ed Morrison, said the following when asked about VAR and football“All of us are slow to accept change in all walks of life.“In rugby, some people accepted professionalism and what it meant, whereas I struggled with it.

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Learning to Love Baseball

Baseball is called “America’s pastime” for a few reasons. It’s been around a lot longer than football, and purists claim that baseball is both easier to understand and less violent. 

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Fundamentals of Accurate Shooting

Whether for competitions, for hunting, or just for plain old self-defense, every gun enthusiast needs accuracy. Being inaccurate not only makes the shooter look bad, but it may also lead to unnecessary collateral damage. Accuracy can be improved simply by adhering to the four fundamentals of firing.

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Middle Aged Baseball

Sports is something that absolutely anyone can get involved with, no matter what their upbringing, no matter what their age!

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