What Brands Can Learn from David Kurzmann and the Success of Women’s Best

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In August of 2015, two Austrian brothers launched a company that would change the landscape of women’s health and fitness around the world. Women’s Best is a company that sells products relating to women’s unique nutritional and sportswear needs. 

David Kurzmann and his brother Lukas had been working in the fitness industry for several years. They worked with clients and a licensed nutritionist to curate customized fitness and nutrition plans. 

During this time, they soon recognized a problem in the current fitness industry: There weren’t any companies that were offering products specifically formulated for women. Men and women have different nutritional needs when it comes to fitness and weight loss, and too many nutrition products were designed for men. 

This led them to create Women’s Best, and the success has been incredible. Within two years, they saw an 800 percent increase in revenue, and it’s now a global, 8-figure business. Ladies interested in health and fitness can’t stop talking about all that Women’s Best has to offer. 

David Kurzmann, the co-founder and CEO of Women’s Best, recently shared what makes the company so successful. He revealed several lessons that any brand can learn as they create their own businesses. 

Success in any business requires passion. 

David and Lukas felt that their passion for fitness and social media were integral in starting Women’s Best. 

“Blended together, they led us to the idea of starting our initial business, which was selling customized fitness and meal plans in cooperation with a nutritionist,” David said. “We did very well, and we gained more e-commerce experience. It wasn’t long before we thought about selling a physical product.” 

The initial passion fueled the fire and opened countless doors for the company. Before long, Women’s Best had developed a cult-like following of women who share their passions for fitness and related products. 

Clearly visualize your goals from the start. 

David and Lukas were teenagers when they started their first business. This business made them their first million before adulthood, a feat that many thought impossible at the beginning. David said that it wouldn’t have been possible if they hadn’t set goals from the very start. 

“Our goals with Women’s Best are to create a huge, positive community of women inspiring and motivating each other to achieve their fitness goals,” he said. “From the beginning, we’ve wanted to make fitness seem more fun and reachable for everyone. We also thought it would be great to be the biggest female fitness company around the globe.” 

Many of those goals have become a reality. They’re one of the top female fitness companies globally, and their community of followers seem to be reaching their goals and inspiring each other daily. 

Find a niche that you can dominate. 

As mentioned earlier, the Kurzmann brothers started their business because they had found a niche with a huge need to fill. 

“It wasn’t too difficult to achieve our goals when we realized that we had found a sweet spot in the fitness industry,” Kurzmann reported. “We found that there was no sports nutrition company focusing its message exclusively towards women.” 

They got to work developing a company that could do just that. Fortunately for them, there was little competition for their unique business platform. This gave their business a head start, but the overall success is found more in their marketing and community-building efforts than in the placement of the market. 

Build a team of the right people. 

“Like any business, we made a lot of mistakes along the way, but one mistake we tried to avoid was working with the wrong people—those who don’t share our vision,” David said. 

He’s seen many brands fail to prioritize building a good team. It starts with the people you surround yourself with, your marketers, customer service representatives, and even your warehouse specialists. 

It also includes the people you use to endorse your brand. Influencer marketing is a huge part of the Women’s Best marketing strategy, and it’s incredibly successful because their marketing team carefully vets all influencers before hiring them. They analyze profiles carefully to ensure that they share the same vision and target audience. Without these carefully-aligned goals, influencer campaigns wouldn’t be nearly as successful. 

Post content on social media that your followers can actually use. 

Content is a brand’s most powerful asset in marketing, and David said it’s something that should never be underestimated. 

“Content is so important to our brand,” he explained. “We focus on quality with every post, and we try to avoid posting content that has no practical value for our followers.” 

Consumers engage with brands on social media because they can learn something daily. They look for a strong personality, tips, insights, and other useful value. 

Women’s Best is an excellent example of posting content that their followers can use. On Instagram, for example, their feed, stories, and IGTV account is filled with useful videos, workout routines, recipes, and other inspirational content that generates conversation. They receive thousands of likes and comments for their efforts. 

In all, David Kurzmann and his team at Women’s Best have developed a striking business model with amazing potential. “I think that uniqueness, quality, and building a strong community are the three primary factors that have contributed most to our success.” 

This is something he couldn’t have done without a firm marketing approach and great team members. He understands the market better than anyone, and he uses that to his advantage. There is no better strategy for growing a business.  


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