How Lukas Kurzmann Became A Multi-Millionaire in Under 3 Years

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Lukas Kurzmann is the current CEO and co-founder of the up-and-coming female fitness company Women’s Best. This Austrian-based company is the first to exclusively sell both fitness nutrition products and sportswear to women. 

Recently, Kurzmann answered a few questions about what it took to take a company from nothing to a multi-million-dollar business in just under three years. 

“The company has gone far beyond just selling products – it aims to change lives of women worldwide into healthier ones,” Kurzmann explains. “We’re motivating and inspiring hundreds of thousands of women around the globe.”

Literally. The company has reached more than 900,000 customers in more than 150 countries. It’s truly a leading brand in women’s fitness, but it was once just a dream in a childhood bedroom. 

Starting Out Strong 

Kurzmann and his brother David are two of the primary people behind the creation of Women’s Best. They started the business from scratch while living at home. “Our childhood room was our first office, and we’ve put all our time and effort into supporting our business.” 

It’s not the first business the brothers started either, which made it easier to build the momentum for this company. “Our first business was selling online customized fitness and nutrition plans in cooperation with a nutritionist,” he said. “At this point, selling a digital product was more convenient than a physical one as we didn’t have the budget and experience for all the supply chain yet. We did great and were able to finance our new company and produce the highest quality products.”

“I grew up in Wattens, a town in the Tyrol, Austria. Thankfully, I was raised in a family with a normal financial situation. My parents gave us $10K to get started. From there, we’ve invested smartly and never needed any more money to grow.” 

This is a great lesson for any entrepreneur looking to grow a company from scratch. It’s hard to come up with enough money to back your business. You must use what you have from the beginning, from all of your scrimping and saving, to invest and plan wisely until you can make a profit and use that money for further development. 

A Company That Sells Itself

One of the most impressive things about Kurzmann’s business is the way it has taken off. He talked about how their customers were all too happy to share the good word about their business on social media or in any other setting. The products basically sold themselves simply because Women’s Best tapped into a market that hadn’t been explored before. 

Women’s Best is the first company to sell fitness-related supplements and sportswear exclusively to women. 

“I always strived with my brother to create our own business and make something remarkable,” he said. “We wanted to deliver something of value to people, and I think we’ve achieved that.”

Within just two years of starting the business, the company’s revenue growth had skyrocketed 800 percent. 

“The turning point was when we launched the brand and saw our dream becoming true with great customer feedback,” Lukas said. 

Their marketing efforts have helped to sustain the momentum of the business. They’ve capitalized both on word-of-mouth marketing techniques as well as the concept of selling a lifestyle rather than selling products. They’ve followed the example of top fitness brands such as Nike to help their customers imagine and visualize themselves living their everyday lives with Women’s Best products in hand on Instagram and other social platforms. 

The Future Is Bright for Lukas Kurzmann 

In just four years, Women’s Best has become a leading retailer in the fitness industry. Their social reach and following continues to climb as does their revenue. They’re working their way around the globe, looking to carry forward the message of female strength and power wherever they go. 

“Being part of such a movement is an incredible experience,” Lukas says. “My life is so much better now compared to the way it was before Women’s Best. Leading a company like this has a positive impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of women around the globe. It’s an indescribable feeling.”

Lukas reports that he’s constantly working on designing supplements and clothing that will cater to the specific needs of their customers. They’re listening to the feedback they receive and applying it to new designs for the benefit of all the women who need the products. 

Kurzmann says that this entire experience has been extremely eye-opening into his own potential to do whatever he believes in. “We’ve learned countless things, but among the greatest things we learned is that one should dream big and take the risk towards realizing their passion,” he said.

The Kurzmann brothers will no doubt go on to do more great things, whether they continue to focus all their efforts on this business or pursue other ventures. One thing if for certain: Lukas won’t take his success for granted. 

“Building something from scratch changes the way you do business,” he says. “Seeing how far you’ve come makes you more motivated and careful about your company. I wouldn’t want to do anything to jeopardize that.” 

In just under three years, Lukas Kurzmann and his business partners have not only obtained their fortunes but also claimed fame and respect within the industry. Their grasp of business, marketing, and customer service will become a standard that others can learn from and live by, as they create truly spectacular businesses around the world.


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