Should You Use Brand Influencers To Market Your Products?

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If there is a great time to start a fashion line, it’s today. Consider the shift in consumer needs, the power of social media platforms, and the way people obsess over these self-made celebrities. It’s incredible how powerful some of these individuals are. You can find a teenager with 20 million adoring fans who will buy just about everything their favorite star is selling, and this creates massive business opportunities for brands. 

Another thing that’s making this whole brand influencer thing such a gold mine is the widespread use of social media. For the person marketing your products, it’s as simple as posting a tweet and they immediately engage with millions of followers who are probably already online. The use of social media has allowed individuals to grow into powerful influencers who can make or break a brand. 

For most of these people, engaging with followers is absolutely vital to their survival, and so when they find new brands to associate with, it gives them something to talk about instead of just posting selfies. Brand Influencers have just as much to gain from marketing products as the owner, but the challenge, as always, is to find a powerful influencer who actually likes your brand.

You can get just about anybody to post a pic of your products to their timeline, but in order to really grow your company, there’s a need to establish trust between you and the influencer. This isn’t hard to do if you target the right person. A good influencer will be happy to promote your products – and social media even do it for free – which is why in the first place, you should only attempt this if you know that your products are good and people will love them. 

Nobody is going to market your product if they don’t like it, or think that people might not like it. The risk to the marketer is far too severe if their followers don’t like what is being presented. But in most cases, there is a friendliness and a connection between you, the brand influencer, and your products – or company history. This is the foundation of a successful business arrangement if you’re thinking about going in that direction. 

But as an emerging brand, you must also create your own audiences and engage with them even before approaching a famous figure to push your products. That’s another thing that these people want to see. So if you don’t have an online platform for engaging with potential customers, then it becomes difficult for brand Influencers to gauge how your products might fair in the market. It doesn’t have to be a million followers on your Instagram or whatever; instead, it’s about having a consumer base that you can tap into. 

People will appreciate any effort on your part to engage with audiences, and a smart influencer will look at your own audiences and figure out how your products could be better marketed to consumers. Younger audiences seem to be quicker at making purchase decisions, and they place a lot more trust in the influencer. 

Another way to approach this is to have a popular influencer wear your products (that is if you’re selling clothing) and have them post a pic to their social media to ask what people think about the product. By gauging how people respond, both you and the influencer can come up with effective strategies for marketing your brand, and that should help you move things along more efficiently. 

There should already be an effort to draw in consumers whether it’s by offering discounts, free products like 2019 Talentless clothing promo codes, because who doesn’t like an offer? 

Just keep an eye on one or two influencers and engage with them through their social media platforms, that way, they can learn more about you and your business.