How to begin scanning medical documents for your EMR solution for under $500

Why should you switch to an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system?  Well, for beginners, it’s the law!  But, there are also huge benefits to your practice.  If you’re not a medical practice, you might want to check out another one of my articles One Step PDF Scanning can reduce overhead; otherwise, take a look at some the benefits of scanning:

  • Scanned documents enable simultaneous access and collaboration
  • Eliminates the costs and risks of lost documents
  • Reduce labor and material costs associated with paper-based records
  • Reduce potential errors and improve patient care through accurate document storage and retrieval
  • Scan to PDF for easier file sharing
  • Substantially reduce physical storage requirements
  • Secure access mitigates risks
  • Expedite and enhance patient services
  • Achieve regulatory compliance by enabling better recordkeeping through scanning
  • Establish a foundation for on-going process improvement

Obviously different medical practices have different needs.  For example, if you want to cover all types of documents, then you probably want a reliable flatbed scanner; like the Fujitsu Fi-6240 or the Fi-6130 which is considered a workgroup scanner for high volume scanning. 

Lastly, if you need to share the scanner amongst your staff, you might want to consider the Fujitsu ScanSnap N1800 with many features like:

  • Scan to network folder
  • Scan to email
  • Scan to FTP server
  • Scan to network fax
  • Scan to a network printer
  • Scan to Microsoft SharePoint

You can find all of these scanners and tons of other office solutions at The Other Guys.

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