Hitachi sued over alleged display defects in RPTVs
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Hitachi sued over alleged display defects in RPTVs

Wolfgang Gruener

Dallas (TX) –  The suit filed by a law firm on behalf of Anthony Partida of Dallas claims that Hitachi’s 50V500A rear projection TV have been shipped with a display effect that causes “green blobs, red blooms, green haze, blue dots, yellow lines and other color anomalies on their TV screens.”

The suit accuses Hitachi to have known of the problem since about 2005, but decided to continue selling the RPTV and showed no willingness  “to develop a solution.” The Law Offices of Heygood, Orr, Reyes, Pearson & Bartolomei in Dallas believe that “tens of thousands of consumers who bought the high-end TVs may be experiencing the same trouble” and therefore seek seeks class-action status “on behalf of every owner” of the 50V500A model.

The 50” 720p RPTV was introduced in 2004 and sold initially in a price range between $2500 and $3500. While the TV received generally good reviews back then, there are plenty of forum posts on the Internet complaining about a “rainbow effect” showing green circles, blue streaks across the screen, pink spots and red clouds within the picture  

"Hitachi has been more than willing to take people's money for these TV sets and they should be more than willing to fix them," says attorney Eric D. Pearson of Heygood, Orr, Reyes, Pearson & Bartolomei. "In some cases, people paid $3500 or more for these TVs. You can't take that kind of money and deliver a defective product."