Google and Yahoo get grilled by Department of Justice

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Google and Yahoo get grilled by Department of Justice

Washington (DC) – Google decided to help Yahoo with its advertising to further rattle its contention with Microsoft, but now it is facing an antitrust investigation from the US government.

The Department of Justice announced it would start looking into the partnership between the two online advertising giants.

Google and Yahoo announced that they are cooperating with the investigation and have already answered some of their questions.

“We informed the Justice Department before we launched the test and we have been responsive to their questions about it,” said a Google spokesperson to the New York Times.

The two online conglomerates joined together two weeks ago to run a two-week “test” on pulling their advertising resources together.  It was a blatant attempt by Google, arguably Microsoft’s biggest software rival, to cause more tension between Microsoft and Yahoo.  Microsoft has been aggressively trying to take over Yahoo for several weeks.

“Yahoo proactively kept the Department of Justice informed of its intention to conduct this limited test with Google and has provided information to the DOJ on the nature of the test,” said a Yahoo spokesperson.