10 things you didn’t know about … Anand Chandrasekher

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10 things you didn’t know about … Anand Chandrasekher


Anand Chandrasekher is senior vice president and general manager of Intel’s Ultra Mobility Group. This group is responsible for low power Intel architecture products, ultra-mobile PC’s (such as UMPCs and mobile Internet devices, short MIDs) and the smart mobile and hand-held market segment. Chandrasekher’s responsibilities at Intel include strategic direction, platform planning, design, development, marketing and business management for this segment.

I couldn’t survive without … my Blackberry. It helps to keep me connected, especially when I’m on the road for business, which is about 50% of the time.

The best advice I ever got was … to stick to the truth. It keeps everything very simple and straight-forward.

A person I admire is … my father. There’s no one I admire more.

If I could go anywhere, or do anything, I would … go to the Moon. I’d love to see what the earth looks while standing on the moon, and in years to come it may be more of a possibility for everyday people. It’s the possibility of what is possible that I find truly amazing.

A technology I have no use for is …
the calculator as a standalone device. Today, the PC and many other devices that I use also offer this capability.

The best idea I had was … to shrink the PC! Everything (devices) you carry will essentially be a PC. As the Internet becomes more and more pervasive, the desire to always be connected will continue to drive exciting new products with computing capabilities, and this is exactly what Intel silicon is built for.

Luxury is … time. There is never enough of it.

I wish I had invented … time.

My tombstone should read … He was a great father (I wish…)

A person/trend/technology to watch is …
Obama, both as a person and as a trend to watch. Win or lose, his presence is creating an excitement that will help draw out more young Gen x voters.

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