Texas man sues Best Buy over TV head trauma
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Texas man sues Best Buy over TV head trauma

Mark Raby

Tyler (TX) - Texas customer Sam Fisher is suing Best Buy after he claims an employee dropped a 27-inch television set on his head.

According to a local newspaper, Fisher was at a Best Buy in Tyler, TX, eyeing a 27-inch TV that was sitting on top of a high shelf.  When he called an employee over, the employee allegedly brought over a ladder, climbed up and lost hold of the TV at the top of the shelf.  It then fell down, hitting Fisher on the head.

Fisher is now suing the store, claiming it is guilty of gross negligence.  The lawsuit alleges that Best Buy did not have proper training or necessary safety warnings.  Moreover, the suit says the retail outlet has no actual policy concerning the procedure of getting an item off a high shelf.

Fisher is suing Best Buy, not the individual employee, because he says the employee was following the store's policies.  By law, under "respondeat superior", the allegations if true would make Best Buy liable for any damages.

The suit is seeking exemplary damages on the count of Best Buy's "willful, wanton, and reckless disregard for the safety and welfare of its customers."  The monetary amount sought by the lawsuit has not been disclosed.