Six arrested in massive credit card fraud case
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Six arrested in massive credit card fraud case

Miami (FL) – Secret Service agents have arrested six members of a southern Florida gang that was responsible for using more than 200,000 stolen credit card numbers and causing $75 million in damages.  The group purchased stolen credit card numbers from Eastern Europe and then fabricated counterfeit cards, complete with holograms and other security features.

The Secret Service arrested the ringleader Julio Lopez and his girlfriend Anett Villar back in February.  After interrogating Lopez and Villar, the agency arrested four more people in the Miami area.

The group purchased stolen card numbers through the Internet and paid through the E-Gold online payment system.  Lopez and the others then made physical cards at various credit card plants in Florida.

The Secret Service says Lopez was busted after he sold fake credit cards to an uncover agent for $15 dollars each.

The Secret Service is charging all the members of the group with aggravated identity theft, counterfeit credit card trafficking and conspiracy.  If convicted on all counts, Lopez and the others face between 17 and 47 years in federal prison.