Michael Eisner opens online video production company
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Michael Eisner opens online video production company

Mark Raby

New York (NY) - Former Walt Disney CEO Michael Eisner has launched a new studio, Vuguru, to create videos specifically for online sites like YouTube.  The project is being financed by Eisner's investment company Tornante.

Vuguru's first project is a microseries titled "Prom Queen", a 90-second high school drama that the production company calls "a blend of love, gossip, and betrayal."  80 episodes of the show have been announced.

Prom Queen will premiere on April 2 on its own official site,, as well as and YouTube.  It will also be uploaded to, a YouTube competitor that is also partially financially backed by Tornante.

"The entire concept here is content is king.  What will drive traffic is interest in the subject matter.  Unlike traditional media outlets, this is pretty open," Eisner was quoted as saying in a Reuters story.