Shipments of mobile phone displays surge

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Shipments of mobile phone displays surge

Manufacturers of cellphones purchased significantly more LCDs for their products in Q2 2006 than in the same timeframe last year. According to Displaysearch, $275.3 million main displays and 60.7 million sub-displays were shipped during Q2 – which translates into a 32% increase in shipments year-over-year.

A-Si TFT LCD devices remain the most popular cellphone display technology with a market share of 37.8%. The TFTs are followed by CSTN displays (30.4%), LTPS TFTs (15.9%) and MSTN devices (15.5%). OLEDs are hovering around 0.3%.

Samsung was the largest display supplier with 44.9 million screens shipped and a market share of 16.3%. Philips, ranked #2, shipped 32.1 million displays and Sanyo Epson was able to sell 30.5 million units.

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