Asus Loves It Cool, Quiet and Physical

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Asus Loves It Cool, Quiet and Physical

As well as their Skype phone Asus has been showing some interesting stuff at Computex this year, including their PhysX P1 card which uses Ageia’s physics chipset.

The P1 uses PCI with 128 MB of DDR3 RAM clocked at 733 MHz, and has an Asus heat sink to help keep things cool. However after ATI stole all the physics thunder yesterday, the PhysX cards based on Ageia technology are not looking like quite the sure bet Asus might want one to think. We’ll see how that pans out later in the year.

Asus is a big fan of passive heatsinks, and the GeForce EN7600GT Silent looks like a brick you could kill a man with. The 7600 GTS comes with Asus’ SilentCool 2 technology, with an extra heatpipe and heatsink on the back side of the card. The card has a core speed of 560 MHz and 256 MB of DDR3 memory clocked at 1.4 GHz (double data rate). It is the top of the silent line of solutions Asus is offering, with a 7600GS using 512 MB of memory, but clocked at 950 MHz and a core clock of 550 MHz. There are also an ATI 1600XT and 1300PRO fanless solutions, and Asus is eager to release a GeForce 7900 with this passive cooling technology also.

Also on the cooling front are their Silent Square and Knight coolers, with support for Intel 478/775 and AMD 939/AM2 platforms, and cases such as the Vento 7700 and 3600 which are also coated in UV paint. Crawl into one, turn on the fans and we might just be able to survive the Taipei heat and humidity.

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