Bing hits all-time high

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Bing hits all-time high

Microsoft’s Bing search engine took 12.5% of all search engine requests across the globe in February, a new record for the “decision engine.”

That’s nearly a three percentage point increase from when Microsoft first launched Bing last year. Back then, it carried less than 10% of the search engine share.

It’s really good news for Microsoft, which by the way used to own more than 90% of the search engine market share, in this post-Google world.

Microsoft recently announced a partnership with Yahoo wherein the two companies are now working together to give Google a run for its money. They’re both got a way to go, though. Google is still powering at least 2 out of every 3 online searches.

No one’s going away without a fight, though, and the search engine market is still competitive.

Danny Sheppard, president of search engine optimzation firm Titan SEO, said in a Microsoft press release, “SEO companies still need to pay attention to Bing because their 12.5% market share will become 25% or more once the two search engines merge and Yahoo! uses Bing technology to power the Yahoo! search engine.”


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