Micron looking to build three-five DRAM alliance

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Micron looking to build three-five DRAM alliance

Boise (ID) – Boise-based Micron is looking to create a DRAM industry alliance with three main players and five subordinate ones. Micron, Elpida Memory and Nanya Technology would be the top three. Inotera Memories, Powerchip Semiconductor Corporation, Rexchip Electronics, ProMOS Technologies and Winbond Electronics would make up the five-player second level. Inotera will be the “leader” of the five.

Micron has been working with Nanya since the beginning on 2008 developing 50nm processes. Micron refers to these companies as “parents” and “siblings.”

The Taiwanese government is currently evaluating plans to bailout its ailing DRAM makers, though the current plan calls for buying up intellectual property and transferring it to Taiwan. The government believes without this plan for long-term revenue assurance, any bailout efforts may be fruitless.

See DigiTimes.