Larry David Clip Gets Retweeted by Donald Trump

For those of you who do not know Larry David, he is not a big fan of the President. In his recent show “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, he plays a fictitious version of himself. Like the real Larry David, his character in the show is not the kind of person who would wear a red MAGA […]

Standing Broom Challenge Extended #broomchallenge

Standing broom challenge

Everything starts with a tweet, the #broomchallenge is trending. Again. The social media universe says that “The Earth is at a point in its orbit where its rotation would be in perfect balance. The result? All the brooms in the world could balance themselves” This was the day before yesterday, February 9th. NASA was added […]

Tips For Installing A Beautiful Skylight

Lighted House

Installing a skylight can be very beneficial for several reasons. However, in order for your skylight to be effective it needs to be installed in the right area of your home, so a good deal of consideration is involved