The future of international money transfer in the digital currency era

We’ve all been witnesses to the disruptive nature of digital technology in its many forms. Digital currency in particular is one technology which touches and changes lives on a daily basis. It has had sweeping effects on individuals, nations and global trade. Changes to the way we make payments, order food, book rides, shop, or […]

The Basics of Industrial Internet of the Things Platform

The industry revolution 4.0 was highly anticipating for a long time. Today, with the help of Industrial IoT is restructuring the processes of production The IoT opens new possibilities for manufacturing automation and gives the possibility to equip products and productive capacity by computing techniques and connect them via commonly used networks. Therefore, the particular […]

Why Are Companies Investing in Blockchain?

It has been a major buzzword in the business world for a number of years now, and for good reason. Blockchain is the revolutionary technology which has begun to transform a number of different industries, and is receiving attention from investors around the world. It is most famous for being the bedrock for the legendary […]

Proactive Steps to Avoiding Messy Data Recovery

One spilled cup of Earl Grey, a drop down a flight of stairs, or even static electricity can all damage a laptop and the trove of data it contains. Once damaged, the data within is also often inaccessible, which poses a particular problem for those who store their entire digital lives on one machine.

7 Reasons You Keep Getting Hacked and What to do About It

the interconnectedness of your digital life is putting you in danger. Hackers are getting more sophisticated. Their sharpened skills are able to penetrate into almost any account to steal your money and your identity.How do cyber criminals cause so much havoc? Well, the answer is easy – you allow them.

5 Usability Considerations when Designing a New Site

To define usability, we have to return to the early 90s and refer to what we used to call “user-friendly.” For a website to be user-friendly back then, it had to be visually pleasing and easy to understand/use.

Mobile apps as a powerful marketing tool

It must be owned, but mobile applications have become an integral part of people’s daily routine. A typical morning starts with a turning off or snoozing an alarm-clock on the smartphone, checking messages and e-mails or scrolling news feed on the social network, etc.