The Disparity By Gender in Entrepreneurship

According to the 2016-2017 report from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, during 2016, 163 million women started businesses, helping fuel 74 global economies. While more women own small businesses than ever before, the gender gap remains widespread. According to Statistics Canada, only 15.7% of SMBs in Canada are owned by women, while 64.6% are owned by […]

War on Drugs Meets War on Vaping: Projected Outcomes

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Over the past few years, vaping has become an increasingly popular alternative to tobacco products. There have been quite a significant number of reasons behind this, with many people pointing to fewer negative health consequences compared to tobacco. Alongside this, there have been a variety of flavored vapes available for several years. While this has […]

Taking Control of a Drug or Alcohol Habit

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What does addiction look like? For many of us, the answer is something out of a movie or a cautionary tale. Addiction, we figure, looks like people who are recognizably at “rock bottom.” Addicts live on the streets in filthy, tattered clothes. They have lost the people who once loved and cared for them. They […]

7 Benefits of Working at Coworking Spaces

According to coworking statistics, by 2018 there could be as many as 37,000 coworking spaces sprinkled across the globe. Coworking spaces have the potential to transform business-as-usual for freelancers and entrepreneurs by offering them the “water cooler experience” of collaboration and networking while still enjoy all the perks of being their own boss. Benefits of […]

Valentino Danchev on How Technology Has Changed the Way We Travel

With those goals in mind, Fidelis oversees the promotion of private vacation club memberships and tours at six luxury resorts in Latin America, where travelers are encouraged to bury their toes in the soft sand and exchange the “white noise” of technology for sparkling blue seas and sunny skies.

Health Is Looking a Lot Smarter

Although we may never know how to 100 percent meet the unique health needs of every person, smart technology is helping us get pretty close. Technology has always made things less difficult for us and it has made great strides in healthcare too.

The Perks of Being a School Counselor

Students in their crucial development years need guidance to unlock their full potential. It is helpful to receive help from someone outside the family, which is why school guidance counselors play such an important role in society. 

This is How Cell Phones Have Changed Human Communication

A recent survey by shows 57% of respondents have broken up with someone via text message. The millennial generation in particular admitted to breaking up with someone via text message. An overwhelming 69% of millennials said they’ve broken up with someone in a text message.

Alternatives to In House HR

An in house HR team can be a costly investment for any business, as these skilled professionals can be expensive to hire. There are a lot of responsibilities for any HR team, but there are alternatives out there to bringing them in house.

Common infertility myths busted

With the rapid change in lifestyle to match today’s pace and expectations, one of the more serious effects has been the dip in fertility rates. More and more couples are finding it harder to get pregnant which has led to many false theories and half-truths around the subject of fertility