6 Technologies That Ushered the Digital Transformation Era

More technological progress has been made in terms of inventions and innovations in the past five years than in the fifty years before that. The pace at which is technology is advancing is giddying and is extremely hard to keep track of. In fact, the advancement of technology has been rampant that a term itself […]

9 Fresh Local Marketing Tips for 2019

Written by Michael Del Gigante Today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape has led to significant changes in the way local businesses connect with customers. Shifts in consumer behavior, tools, and approaches have made it essential for local businesses to keep up with the latest marketing trends. So, what techniques and tools are worth watching in 2019? […]

Tecfidera: Here Is All You Need To Know

Dimethyl fumarate or Tecfidera is a prescription medicine that is used to treat the relapsing form of multiple sclerosis. Tecfidera is said to reduce the risk of an MS relapse in two years by up to 49% over. Further, it reduces the chance of worsening physical disability by 38%. Tecfidera is the brand name of […]

5 Pro Tips to Make That Innovative Explainer Video Your Tech Company Needs

Explainers make for excellent inbound marketing pieces. Regardless of the niche, industry, and target audience, they make it easy for people to connect with your message. It’s the main reason behind their swift rise in popularity, and why so many skillful digital marketing agencies are in love with the format. A trend that’s made even […]

Dr. Summit Shah Explains Why Business Owners Have a Moral Obligation to Give Back

Attaining success through business is often considered to be an end-goal for entrepreneurs. After all, they are incentivized by the growth factor that could amplify their revenues and market share. So, does this mean that companies that achieve high profitability have reached their ultimate objective? Well, not exactly. Although profits are important for corporations and […]

Websites That Never Get Behind, What’s Their Secret?

Setting a website nowadays is no longer a necessary thing. Especially for online businesses which strive to build and elevate their brands to boost and gain attention from the market. Instead, leading and successful E-businesses are highly identifiable by their sense of proportion towards the importance of having a sound and useful website. How do […]

A Breakdown of the Top 3 Navigation Apps

With 4.12 million roads in America, many of which have similar or overlapping names, it’s really no wonder that the majority of smartphone users take advantage of navigation apps. After all, we’ve all taken a wrong turn at one time or another, and when it happens, it’s nice to know our GPS apps are there […]

3 Ways to Protect Your Business From Cyber Attacks

The threat of data theft and data loss has never been greater. According to the latest report by the Ponemon Institute, attacks on small and medium-sized businesses across the United States seem to be rising by 50% every year. Back in 2017, nearly two-thirds of all US small businesses were attacked by cybercriminals. There’s a […]

Reasons why investing in good audio-visual equipment can be fruitful for your business

From the meeting room to the shop floor, various media frameworks are used and each of these has great features. Regardless of whether you’re searching for progressively viable approaches to speak with inward groups, or you need to get your most recent advertising advancements before customers’ eyes, utilizing the most recent AV innovation, with capable […]

Planning for Your Small Business’s First Tax Filing

Tax time can be terrifying for new businesses. However, mid-April needn’t fill you with dread. Planning ahead will help you survive your first corporate filing. Know Your Business Type Your business structure impacts how you report to the IRS and the tax you’ll need to pay. You should have defined your business type when you […]

What Should Startups Know About the Sales Cycle?

Laptop parts on a table

For startups and newer businesses, there’s plenty to learn and one area to focus on is the sales cycle. What is the sales cycle and how do you calculate sales cycle? Sales cycle is a metric that looks at the average amount of time between when a deal is created, or an opportunity begins and […]

Is It Possible to Start a Business With a Poor Credit Score?

Starting a business is a dream for millions of Americans, but even if you have a great idea, your personal finances have the power to hold you back. Having a “fair” or “poor” credit score instantly disqualifies you from some financial options, like certain types of mortgages and loans, and might be a symptom of […]

How people become successful: the story of Braxton Amundson

Entrepreneurship is not always an easy task and building a startup requires much more than is often portrayed by the media. It takes diligent efforts and risk-taking to overcome the challenges associated with building a successful startup from conception to reality. In this article, we will bring to the spotlight Braxton Amundson, a successful entrepreneur […]

5 Powerful SEO Tactics Your Online Business Should Be Using In 2019

The year is 2019 and the landscape of Search Engine Optimization has evolved quite a bit in the past 8 years. With the advent of Google’s Rankbrain, and the integration of the Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird algorithms. Google has really put the clamp down on eliminating the spam sites from dominating the SERPs. Gone are […]