Professional Technology: Changing the Face of the Business Industry

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When it comes to acknowledging and understanding the shifting form of the modern world in recent years, it is more than fair to say that it has been positively unyielding. The more that we have become comfortable and familiar with digitalization and technology, the more driven we have become to ensure its continued and ongoing […]

Enterprise 360: Five steps to achieving a single source of truth


Today’s enterprises have access to ever-increasing volumes of data holding a goldmine of insights. However, enterprise data warehouses are faced with the task of storing and synthesizing increasing data volumes. Legacy platforms are neither easily scalable nor flexible and due to fragmented data in multiple repositories, enterprises lack the data agility needed to make accurate […]

How to Build Resilient Teams

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Numerous psychological studies have shown (for example – by George Bonanno) that there’s one trait that all resilient people have in common. That’s the ability to sustain a positive outlook in a situation when faced with stress and issues that arise. We’ve all heard people say to us ‘be positive’, so this may sound a […]

How to get a business loan with bad credit

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If you have bad credit history and are trying to run a business, or set up one, your financial history may be giving you cause for concern in terms of your ability to gain access to credit in the future. You may even be worried it will not even be possible to access a loan […]

Expected Advances in Robotics Over the Next Five Years

While robots may seem like the stuff of science fiction, the industry is evolving faster than you might think. In fact, by 2020, China alone is predicted to invest at least $70 billion USD on Artificial Intelligence (AI). From industrial automation to consumer electronics, robots are beginning to transform every aspect of modern living. As […]

Professional diving watch Omega Seamaster

With a helium escape valve and a Co-Axial gauge, the Omega Seamaster Diver 300M offers 300m of tightness and is the first choice of professional and recreational divers. The limited editions attract the attention of collectors. A modern diver with helium valve The Seamaster Diver 300M celebrated its premiere in 1993. Omega first launched the […]

Level Up: Best Phones For Playing Mobile Games

The mobile gaming industry has moved in leaps and bounds over the last two decades. Currently valued at over $70.3 billion and expected to hit $180 billion by 2021, both the number of gamers and time spent on games keeps increasing each year. The total number of players is expected to reach 2.4 billion this […]

Freight Forwarders – What they are and why you need them

The internet may have accelerated everything from romance and dating to stocks and shares trading, but until Amazon develops the equivalent of the Enterprise’s Mr Scott, we will still need logisticians, delivery firms, and port services to get the products we ship. While many businesses start off doing this in house, at a certain point […]

Opportunities and Perils in Liquidation

Getting by as a small-business owner these days sure isn’t easy. With massive corporations such as Amazon dominating the retail space, finding your niche and your customers (and holding onto them) can be extremely tough. Study after study has proven that, by and large, companies such as Amazon and Walmart are bad for small local […]

Do Professional translators think Google Translate is helpful?

The mystery of today’s professional translations is whether translators use Google Translate and trust in it. Is it a really helpful translation tool or just throws translators into total confusion? Two main reasons for using Google Translate would be to bring down costs and speed up the time of delivery. Machine translation will always be […]

4 Worst Android and iOS vulnerabilities in 2019

As we near the end of 2019’s first quarter, there are a number of vulnerabilities in Android and iOS devices leftover from 2018. This can be due to vendors not pushing security updates for specific devices, or things that are proving really difficult to patch. In this article, we’re going to highlight the worst Android […]

6 Technologies That Ushered the Digital Transformation Era

More technological progress has been made in terms of inventions and innovations in the past five years than in the fifty years before that. The pace at which is technology is advancing is giddying and is extremely hard to keep track of. In fact, the advancement of technology has been rampant that a term itself […]

Tecfidera: Here Is All You Need To Know

Dimethyl fumarate or Tecfidera is a prescription medicine that is used to treat the relapsing form of multiple sclerosis. Tecfidera is said to reduce the risk of an MS relapse in two years by up to 49% over. Further, it reduces the chance of worsening physical disability by 38%. Tecfidera is the brand name of […]