Enterprise 360: Five steps to achieving a single source of truth


Today’s enterprises have access to ever-increasing volumes of data holding a goldmine of insights. However, enterprise data warehouses are faced with the task of storing and synthesizing increasing data volumes. Legacy platforms are neither easily scalable nor flexible and due to fragmented data in multiple repositories, enterprises lack the data […]

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How to Build Resilient Teams

business team discussing house project at office

Numerous psychological studies have shown (for example – by George Bonanno) that there’s one trait that all resilient people have in common. That’s the ability to sustain a positive outlook in a situation when faced with stress and issues that arise. We’ve all heard people say to us ‘be positive’, […]

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If you ever need a plumber in Auckland

We Kiwis love doing things around the house with our own hands, from painting walls to doing renovations. But when it comes to plumbing, the truth is there is little we can legally do ourselves. The same goes for gasfitting and drainage as well. Since many homeowners are still unaware […]

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