What Life as a Bearded Man is Really Like

Interested in entering into the ranks of bearded-man status? I’ve got the details on what you need to know about what it’s like to grow, groom, and live with your future beard.

11 Best Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes Your Dog Will Love

By feeding your dog on homemade foods, you take total control of the ingredients that your dog feeds on. This is essential in cases where your canine friend has allergies and stomach upsets when fed on kibble. Here are some healthy homemade dog food recipes you can feed your dog on.

4 Unique Ways To Grow Your Online Network

Of course, everyone wants to go viral, however, the reality of the situation is that no one can predict what exactly viewers will decide is viral-worthy. Although what you can do is increase your online presence and expand your network of viewers. Here are four tried, tested and proven ways for you to do just that.

Covering The Cost Of Elderly Care

We’re looking at one of the key practicalities of elderly care to help you get started in planning this important stage of your life.

4 Ways Selfies Have Changed the Travel Industry

For travel brands hoping to retain a leg up, understanding the importance of visual appeal in selling travel services is essential. Selfies have not only revolutionized the vacation experience, but they have inspired an entire generation of would-be travelers to get out and see the world.

Growth and Improvement in Senior Care Communities

Today, more than eight million people receive support from long-term care services in the United States. Home health agencies, nursing homes, residential care communities, and adult daycare services provide care to millions and that number is expected to grow in the future. Growth and Improvement in Senior Care Communities