How to Dress Up for Your Skype Interview

girl skype interview

When applying for a job role, the avenues taken when interviewing potential candidates has evolved tenfold. Rather than the candidate having to travel to a location to attend an interview, more businesses have taken to online platforms such as Skype to carry out their interviews.  Given that the interview will be generally done from the […]

6 Useful ways to maintain strong contact at a distance

Life can be complicated sometimes. Most of us have experienced at least one long-distance friendship in our lives. In fact, many of us have several such friends right now! Long-distance romantic relationships and friendships alike can be extremely challenging, but unbelievably rewarding. Two of the key factors in any relationship – whether romantic or platonic […]

7 Reasons Why Tech Companies Should Hire Deaf People

Multiple studies and reports, unfortunately, have revealed that companies and businesses are less likely to hire deaf and hard of hearing people as their employees. It is possible that companies and businesses are not aware of the great benefits of hiring deaf and hard of hearing people.

4 travel money quirks from around the world

So your suitcase is laid out on your bed ready to be packed for your latest overseas adventure, but aside from your passport, what is the most important item to take with you? Well a change of underwear sure will help, but no vacation is going to run smoothly without one thing – money

Foster Care Fortnight Insight

Fostering doesn’t always get great press or, more accurately, the fostering agencies and decisions made by hard-working social workers can be under scrutiny.

Catch Up On 10 Good Reasons to Foster from LGBT Foster Care Week

The theme this year was ’10 Good Reasons’ why LGBT people should consider fostering (and adoption). With two reasons released daily via the social media accounts of New Family Social, the organisation who runs the week-long campaign, it is hoped that more people will become foster parents

10 Top Tips for Foster Carers

Being a foster carer is one of the most rewarding things you can do. But making a difference to a child’s life is not always easy.

What is Trending for Social Media Optimization in 2018?

Social Media optimization is a trending service in 2018 and If you have noticed within these last six months, we have seen at least two or three updates from Facebook and Snapchat and we highly doubt this will be the last we see of these updates. Facebook’s messenger broadcast is one example of these new features we can enjoy

6 Common New Year’s Resolutions and Ideas on How to Accomplish Them

While plenty of people set New Year’s Resolutions to give them guidance and focus when achieving their goals, few accomplish the things they set out to achieve. After all, while it’s tempting to be overly ambitious in your view of the future, the more complicated your resolution is, the more work you’ll need to put in to make your dreams a reality.

Why SocialEnvy Is A Scam And You Should Avoid Using Them At All Costs

For those of you who have never heard of SocialEnvy, I’ll provide a brief description of its purpose — at least according to its creators. SocialEnvy is supposed to affordably and effectively increase one’s social presence on Instagram by growing their number of followers every day.