Why Pregnant Women Still Use Marijuana

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A recent study published in the Journal of Addiction Medicine looked at the way pregnant women perceive the risk and benefits of using cannabis. The study was published by researchers from Washington State University, and it’s the result of a survey conducted with 19 different pregnant women, all of whom used cannabis daily while pregnant. […]

How Will Blockchain Disrupt International Trade

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With $1 trillion in international business to come as a result of implementing blockchain, according to the World Economic Forum, there’s no reason not to use it right now. We, for the most part, know what blockchain can do.  When, where, and how are the questions before us when international trade is brought into focus. […]

High Tech Meets Hygiene: 5 Cleaning Devices You Didn’t Know You Need

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How often do you sterilize your phone? Modern estimates place the number of bacteria on the average human’s hand at a whopping fifteen hundred per square centimeter of skin. Meaning your fingertips alone may have upwards of ten times that number. A number that may be even higher if you are part of the reported […]

3 Smart Technologies Reshaping The Construction Industry

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Today, the utilization of smart technologies on construction sites seems to be commonplace. It’s as common as seeing traffic cones on a work site. At least this is the case with jobs and construction crews that are taking on big jobs, and doing them well for clients. Those who aren’t adopting and adapting to the […]

Social Marketing Changed My Life

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I don’t know how it works around the world, but down here in South America, computer repair often boils down to a single guy working out of his garage. Or, in my case, out of my bedroom, where I keep a closet filled with tools and spare computer parts — to my wife’s horror. Computer […]

How Phone Apps Improved My Life

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I feel like we, as a species, are losing our sense of gratitude over time. Or maybe we never had it in the first place. Anyway, we are always looking for the next hot new thing. Be it a new gadget, a new romance, a new job. I don’t like that. I thought it’d be […]

Binance- The Greatest Threat to the Dream Decentralised Economy

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The beauty of cryptocurrency is its removal of all intermediaries that stand between you and your money. It is a decentralized economy that aims to eliminate any single point of control or disproportionate influence, leaving only YOU in the driving seat. Those who understand the genius behind crypto revel in the philosophy that stands behind […]

The Evolution of CRM Systems: From Spreadsheets to Mobile Apps

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CRMs are incredibly important to business operations. Since 2017, they’ve been the largest software market, having overtaken database management. Even chatbots have become an integral part of many businesses and have made their way into these CRM systems. These powerful tools have come a long way over the last few decades, evolving from basic spreadsheets […]

Wheelchair Accessories That Will Improve Your Mobility

Wheelchair Accessories

Let’s face it, for someone in a wheelchair or who requires assistance in order to go from place to place, there are many challenges they face on a day-to-day basis. As well as the obvious- finding accessible routes and locations and transporting a wheelchair where required, there are extra things that wheelchair users need to […]

How To Prevent Spyware Attacks On Your Computer

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Imagine a scenario wherein your social media account keeps posting material you have no idea about, or your email account has been hacked – and you don’t know when or how!  First, it locks you out. Secondly, it starts sending your contacts malicious links that you did not consent to. It is rather frustrating considering […]

What Tech Contractors Can Use To Improve Safety In 2019 And Beyond?

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According to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health Statistics, over 20,000 people die annually because of construction sites accidents in America. Construction sites have lately become dangerous zones. If you have ever walked past a work site or reviewed accident rates in the construction industry, then this should be news to you. However, […]

Maintaining your online reputation is critical


Social media is fun, addictive and a great way to spend your free time – until you want to apply for a job, and your potential boss requires their HR department to check all your social media profiles.  That’s when you remember all the photos, tagged posts and status updates that reflect you – and […]

3 Ways to Make a Small Business Seem More Professional

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When running a small business, it can sometimes be hard to make a professional impression on clients and customers, especially if you run the business alone, or from your home. However, there are lots of things you can do as a business owner to help your business to seem more legitimate and professional despite its […]

Hair loss in Women: Causes and Prevention

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Hair loss is a problem faced by most of the women, though it may be completely different from one individual to the other. According to Hold The Hairline, its causes range from pollution levels, vitamin deficiency, lifestyle issues, and also, genetics. So, your receding hairline may be a result of these factors. But before you […]

Choosing the Right Virtual PBX Provider for Your Business

Communications technology is evolving by the minute. With the invention of the internet, traditional phone systems are becoming obsolete and out of date. Communicating via the internet is an excellent solution and virtual PBX is becoming a very popular choice for businesses that have no need for entire PBX systems. However, even for virtual PBX, […]