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The Two Most Innovative Notebooks At CES

CES is about innovation, and while there were lots of notebook computers showcased at the show this year, the two that caught my attention were the updated HP Elite Folio and the Lenovo X1 Fold.

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2020 And Bob Swan’s Impressive Year At Intel

Discover how Intel’s CEO, Bob Swan, rebuilt the company that had been ravaged by ill-advised layoffs, a lack of focus on Intel’s core business, and what had been a lengthy process of alienating Intel’s largest customers.


HP Innovation Summit: From Consumer Products To Micro Fluidics

Recognizing that Trust would likely be a key differentiator, HP put that concept into their brand’s heart. This Trust validated by HP’s efforts on community impact, mitigating social inequality, creating a circular economy (for sustainability), and, of course, diversity, inclusion, and equity.