HP Launches Strong Chrome Enterprise PC Line

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There is no doubt that what we knew as the PC segment is now moving aggressively to the Cloud.  It is fascinating how long this has taken, though, as both Oracle and Sun tried to make this move back in the 1990s, and while their vision was strong, their execution fell well short.  The issue […]

AMD Breaks Through With A Market-Leading Surface “Kick-Ass” Notebook

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For much of AMD’s history, they have been a bottom feeder living off of Inte’s scraps.  Under Lisa Su, they have begun to strongly step out of Intel’s shadow concerning performance, but their design wins still tended to be less than exciting.  That just changed this week when Microsoft launched its new 15” Surface Laptop.  […]

Why Dell AMD Epyc PowerEdge Servers Are Game-Changing

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Often it is the hidden dynamic between vendors and their suppliers that can be game-changing, and this dynamic can either provide unexpected benefits or unexpected problems.  For instance, the battle between Apple and Qualcomm for modems created huge problems for both companies that most users of Apple products are just seeing now because Apple is […]

IBM’s z15 Launch: The Power Of Vertical Integration

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In many ways, the  IBM Z mainframe represents just as unique a product in the enterprise computing market as the iPhone does in its segment.  Unlike virtually all other servers, IBM vertically controls the design, the core technologies and most of the services that wrap it.  The IBM Z has several unique advantages That impact […]

IBM & MIT: Looking Ahead to The Next Generation Of AI

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IBM provided an update on their joint $240M project and lab this week focused on making a better AI, and apparently, they share my view that AI is a stupid name.  What does “Artificial Intelligence” even mean? Either something is smart, or it is not, and if you were to call someone artificially intelligent, you’d […]

Qualcomm’s Appeal Odds Just Significantly Improved

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I get to watch a lot of trials and have even participated in a few.  The one constant is that both parties generally go in convinced they will win and one, and sometimes even both, discover they are wrong.  And, far too often, the Judge or Jury makes an error, and that tests the appeal […]

NVIDIA’s Drive Labs: Getting A Better Sense Of What AI Can Do

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One of the most interesting video series on the web is NVIDIA’s Drive Labs.  What makes it interesting is that they showcase week after week how their AI is maturing, what it is capable of, and you gain a sense of just how smart the system is becoming.   We are soon to be up to […]

Remembering 3Com: The Dragon Of Silicon Valley

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3Com was the hottest Silicon Valley startup of its time, a Dragon (a term that is rarely used referring to a company that not only makes back what a VC invested in it but so over performs it pays off the entire investment fund more than covering all the losses for the firms that failed). […]