A Marketer’s Guide To Visual Search

In recent years, rapid improvements in machine learning technology, smartphone cameras, and image recognition software have led to a digital transformation. The phenomenon known as visual search is poised to change the way in which brands connect with consumers looking for products and services. What does a visual search involve? […]

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Why Do You Need to Run Website Tests?

Have you ever thought about the path the software/website has to pass before getting into your computers and phones? How is it determined whether the product will be successful and whether it can meet the requirements/needs of the end user? All these issues are solved at once with the help […]

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The 3 Best UX Design Trends Of 2019

Being a user experience (UX) designer is a fairly new but hardly boring profession. With each new technological development, new devices or a new way of doing things, they have to be ready to study, learn and implement it. When it comes to designing user experiences, being a perpetual student […]

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MYOB – What Are the Benefits?

The aptly named MYOB (Mind Your Own Business) software, has become a critical tool allowing Australian and New Zealand business owners to literally mind their own business. All MYOB products are centred on allowing business owners and employees to self-manage their financial processes through easily accessible online business solutions. Let’s […]

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What You Need to Know About VoIP Data Security

Data security has become essential for organizations that process or store customer and employee data. Data breaches continued to hit large organizations like Yahoo!, eBay, and LinkedIn in 2018, but they’ve also increasingly targeted smaller businesses in recent years. Increasingly tighter regulations imposed by the EU and other governments has […]

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