How next day delivery could help reduce traffic

Traffic Jam

Global companies like Amazon and Etsy already offer next-day delivery, but more and more local businesses are introducing faster distribution options as a way of keeping up with the growing demand from consumers. The concept sounds easier as the implementation is. BuzzFeedNews had published an article titled “Amazon’s Next-Day Delivery Has Brought Chaos and Carnage […]

Four Lesser Known Ways That Tech Can Improve Wellbeing

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In the digital world, it would seem that technology can improve pretty much anything. And when it comes to wellbeing solutions, this is no different. From implementing wellbeing programs to tracking health insights, there are many way technology can play a part.  Technology has become a part of everyday life as well as making its […]

Introducing the Sometimes Misunderstood World of TikTok

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You’ve probably heard of TikTok, but whether you know exactly what it is and entails could be very much its own question. As a social media app, TikTok has grown in popularity in recent years, with millions of users sharing short-form videos of themselves with visual effects and sound bites aplenty. If all of this […]

5 Emerging Risk Assessment and Data Security Trends

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There has been a significant increase in security threats the past year, so keeping sensitive data secure from incidents of data exploitation and leakage is always paramount. With recent cloud advancements, it’s important for businesses to get familiar with the most recent data security trends, so that they can undergo another round of risk assessment […]

7 Effective Ways on How to Take Advantage of Instagram Algorithms


Recently, Instagram users have noticed a decrease in the organic display of their own posts. The discussion raised the hype in the expansion of the global network and everything came to the point that company representatives decided not to remain silent and clarified the situation. In 2018, Facebook announced the cancellation of its main algorithm, […]

Why The European Startup Scene Is Still Behind The US

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Whether living in the US or Europe, stress is put on becoming an entrepreneur. Many see the United States as the land of startup and viable self-employment, but Europe is also experiencing an influx of startups.  When discussing tech startups, Europe is only evaluated at $240 billion, but the US is leaps ahead at $1.37 […]

Kool8 Water Bottle – A Stylish Bottle That Got Me Hooked on Walking

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Today, I am going to review a water bottle I have been using for the past two months: Kool8. I work a few miles from where I live. The rush hour traffic can be hellish, and I have been trying to cut a few pounds since the last holiday season. That’s why several months ago, […]

What Is an Unmetered Dedicated Server and Why You Should Get One

Did you know that 4.4 billion people, or 58% of the entire world’s population, are Internet users? That’s right. In fact, in the U.S. alone, 90% of the population access the Internet! After all, they can find most of what they need online, what with the World Wide Web home to almost 1.69 billion websites. […]

Why Do You Need to Run Website Tests?

Have you ever thought about the path the software/website has to pass before getting into your computers and phones? How is it determined whether the product will be successful and whether it can meet the requirements/needs of the end user? All these issues are solved at once with the help of testing. Of course, you […]

The 3 Best UX Design Trends Of 2019

Being a user experience (UX) designer is a fairly new but hardly boring profession. With each new technological development, new devices or a new way of doing things, they have to be ready to study, learn and implement it. When it comes to designing user experiences, being a perpetual student is a requirement if you […]

MYOB – What Are the Benefits?

The aptly named MYOB (Mind Your Own Business) software, has become a critical tool allowing Australian and New Zealand business owners to literally mind their own business. All MYOB products are centred on allowing business owners and employees to self-manage their financial processes through easily accessible online business solutions. Let’s further explore some of the […]

8 Ways Outsourcing Software to Latin America Can Help Your Business

As the demand for highly-talented software developers and technical professionals has increased over the past three decades, companies have responded by revving up their hiring efforts and by seeking top talent in the technical world. However, these same hiring managers quickly realized that staffing a full-time technical services team is a very time-intensive and expensive […]

What You Need to Know About VoIP Data Security

Data security has become essential for organizations that process or store customer and employee data. Data breaches continued to hit large organizations like Yahoo!, eBay, and LinkedIn in 2018, but they’ve also increasingly targeted smaller businesses in recent years. Increasingly tighter regulations imposed by the EU and other governments has made data security something that […]

5 Ways To Remain Connected To Your Business While Traveling

One of the biggest problems business travellers face is remaining connected while they are traveling. Business trips are inevitable and you don’t want your work to get affected while you are traveling. We are living in 2019 and technology has advanced so much that you don’t need to worry about remaining connected to your team […]