3 Reasons Your Small Business Needs A Professional Invoice

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Invoicing should be a simple process, but for small businesses, trying to collect on accounts can represent a significant challenge. Clients ignore the invoices, or they get lost in the shuffle, leaving companies scrambling to pay their bills. One solution: polish up your invoice. It may seem superficial, but adding a professional logo and branding […]

Jason McLaughlan Explains How to Create a Niche Market For Your Startup

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One of the lessons that startup businesses must learn is that they cannot be all things to all people. Discovering your niche market will help your startup business thrive. Jason McLaughlan, the owner of Western Fence Co. in Utah, explains how your startup can thrive in its niche and enjoy amazing success. What is a […]

4 Reasons Why It Is Important For Senior Citizens To Use Social Media

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It goes without saying that social media has changed the way that people interact with the world around us. From organizing community gatherings, to reconnecting with old friends, and even initiating grassroots movements, social media has made the world a significantly smaller place. In fact, social media brings multiple generations together in one platform. Did […]

The Future of Call Center Is a Visual Interface

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It’s true that some people link customer service to long waits, robotic voices, and unsolved problems. However, these people will benefit from the fact that call centers are leaving behind those inefficient methods and improving customer experience with advanced call centers solutions. Not everyone has fully embraced modern technology, and many still vote for the […]

Joseph Pingaro Is Back With Solid Real Estate Advice


Getting into real estate can be tough, but tough isn’t much to Joseph Pingaro. The Boston-based entrepreneur has had a tumultuous career and has faced roadblocks that he’s triumphed over. As someone who’s been involved with the real estate industry for several decades, we sat down with Pingaro to see what we could pick up […]

Sailing To Serenity: Beat The Santorini Crowds With A Boating Retreat

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Greece has seen an increase in tourism over recent years, with over 30 million foreign visitors in 2018. Popular for its breathtaking scenery and distinctive architecture, Santorini alone received over two million visitors last year. If you’re looking for a peaceful retreat away from crowds of tourists, you might wonder how you can benefit from […]

3 Major Threats to Your Finances — and How to Stop Them

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Personal finance is something that everyone needs to think about. But it’s not much fun for most people. After all, who wants to pinch pennies and pay bills? And there’s so much to worry about. But the threats to our personal finances are real whether we think about them or not. And if we do […]

How To Scale Your Mobile App

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Designing and rolling out a successful mobile app is more rewarding in this day and age than ever before; businesses which have stellar mobile apps to call upon can largely expect to outcompete their technologically-incompetent competitors, and professionals who can argue that they’ve scaled a mobile app successfully will be eagerly hired and paid handsome […]

How Lukas Kurzmann Became A Multi-Millionaire in Under 3 Years

Lukas Kurzmann

Lukas Kurzmann is the current CEO and co-founder of the up-and-coming female fitness company Women’s Best. This Austrian-based company is the first to exclusively sell both fitness nutrition products and sportswear to women.  Recently, Kurzmann answered a few questions about what it took to take a company from nothing to a multi-million-dollar business in just […]

Effective Personal Finance Tips to Achieve Financial Freedom

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Most of us want to achieve financial freedom in the future. Even though it does seem difficult to achieve, especially when you are in a tough spot, there are some personal finance hacks that can make a huge difference down the road. Financial security doesn’t just mean that you are debt free; it means being […]

Top 10 Technologies using Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence has been trending in the IT industry for quite a long time now. There are mixed emotions regarding how AI is influencing, if not controlling, the way we live, work and entertain ourselves. Virtual personal assistants, movies recommendations, avoiding traffic, instant machine translation, self-driving vehicles, are some applications of AI that show how […]

5 Reasons Why Employee Engagement Is So Important

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Do you want your employees to do more? To go the extra mile? To refer your company to their friends and family? Then you need engaged employees. Engaged employees are committed to the company and its success – they have a huge impact on the bottom line. When employees are engaged, they’re more productive, loyal […]

Women’s Movements Across the Globe

Girl holding underpants with anto female violence message

Have you been thinking a lot about feminism recently? You’re not alone–from more women serving in U.S. Congress than ever before to John Oliver’s #feminism hashtag on Last Week Tonight, there’s a lot going on when it comes to discussing–and making real progress on–women’s empowerment. If it feels like we’re at a unique time and […]

Best Ways To Showcase Your Product on E-commerce Store

As more people continue to turn to the internet thanks to its convenience, ease of use and a wide array of products, online markets have become increasingly competitive. Sure, creating a colorful website is an easy way of attracting customers, but it can also sabotage sales. For instance, having too many website decorations and product […]

Use of Technology in Corporate Training

Corporate training has witnessed a paradigm shift from those days when employees were literally airlifted to a specific location for some cumbersome classroom sessions. Training in companies has shifted to online and in-time learning mode. Technology is energizing corporate training, bringing ideas such as mobile learning, social media and gamification into the world of corporate […]