Energy Efficiency in Smart Cities

The environment continues to be a top priority among millennials, which means that energy efficiency is becoming increasingly valuable. In fact, a recent study by Deloitte concluded that “affordable energy” and “utilizing clean energy sources” are the two top priorities for residential homeowners. 

10 Best Automation Software Testing Tools for Beginners in 2018

Beginners, especially, require efficient test platforms that are self-adaptive and self-aware enough to support the full application lifecycle. A list of the ten best commercial and open-source automation tools used for testing software by newbies, compiled with the help of wow how studio, is listed below

How to Create a Winning Marketing Team and 5 Essential Positions to Fill

Before we look at the positions you need to fill in your marketing team, we’ll take a look at what you need to know prior to starting to build your team; things that you’ll be glad you’ve been informed of and also things that will go a long way toward helping you to create a winning marketing team.

The EU’s search for cryptocurrency regulation

Despite high-strung rhetoric, the EU has made very little progress in creating a viable approach to detailing a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies – as both a tool and growth sector.

5G as an innovative catalyst in IoT

5G is a sophisticated, advanced technology for the telecommunications industry, which will become an indisputable catalyst for the Internet of things of a new generation.

5 Main Attributes of B2B Product Analytics

With little consensus in the field of B2B product analysts, marketing managers and growth marketers find themselves analyzing many different business metrics to determine success. However, the big question should be how a business states their KPIs.

5 Climate Change Threats: What They May Mean for Your Business

ExxonMobil isn’t the only company facing potentially existential threats amid a rapidly changing, increasingly unpredictable climate. These five climate-related issues all threaten businesses, their customers, and in many cases entire industries or economic sectors.

Improving your website’s UX to achieve Business Goals

What do your business, local start-ups and large successful corporations like Google, Apple or Adobe all have in common? The answer is very simple, and actually sits at surface level: you are united by the desire for success!