Isabel Dos Santos Urges Angolan Business Leaders to Look Beyond Oil & Gas

Isabel Dos Santos

Angola has tremendous potential on the African continent, and upon the world stage. A developing economy, fraught with challenges, it also boasts a treasure trove of opportunities for venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and investors to tap into. Recently, Angola hosted the Angola Oil & Gas 2019 conference in the capital city, Luanda. As a rising star […]

Crypto Markets: Recent Breaks Target Extended Moves Beyond $10,000

bitcoin on gold circuit background

In recent weeks, the Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency markets have seen a great deal of renewed interest.  This has taken many traders by surprise, as a large percentage of the market had previously disregarded the cryptocurrency space.  The BTC/USD crypto pair has made a significant bounce after a short-term pullback in recent sessions completed at […]

Joe Casanova on Service First Business Models with Influencers

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It’s a sunny day in Los Angeles, California and I’m on my way to Urth Cafe after doing a quick afternoon hike through Runyon. It’s 80 degrees out and the sun is beaming with not a single cloud in the sky.  Days like these are when you see the documentation come out and I chose […]

Common Plumbing Myths Debunked!

facts myths

Myths can be fun, but never when they cost you money. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions floating around about home plumbing and most of them tend not to fall into that fun category. The Hamilton plumbers at Archie Horn & Son want to help you drown out the myths that could be damaging […]

Basic Info on How to Start an Agricultural Business

rice field green farm nature

It’s more and more difficult to get a job or to rely on one for a long period of time. The economic times we are living are more than difficult, and it’s advisable to search for alternative income sources. If you are living in an urban area, the best way to make extra income is […]

Safe365 Launches Free Mobile App for Seniors and Relatives

people three elderly

Safe365 is the first free mobile telecare app for elders that is designed for family members of seniors to have a sense of comfort while they are alone. Oftentimes seniors are unaccompanied and left helpless in certain situations that require assistance. Or sometimes if confused, they may wander off which could be a huge concern […]

Italian Love: Is it Possible to Find it While Travelling

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When the time comes to vacation and many people go to the resorts, they always want something light, not burdensome, and at the same time fascinating and exciting. Especially when they choose Italy as the place for their trip – a country of wine, excellent cuisine and wondrous history. Finding themselves in an atmosphere of […]

Finding The Best Galaxy S10 Deals


Samsung finally released its newest smartphone – S10. This time, the company offers three options of the Samsung S10 to cater to all kinds of buyers; there’s an S10e budget phone, the S10 Plus for the high-end market and the S10, which falls in the middle. This new offering does not fall short on specs; […]

5 Reasons Why E-mail Marketing Still Matters

With social media becoming a dominant factor in digital marketing, you may be thinking that email marketing is a thing of the past. However, no matter how great your content is or the videos you post on Instagram, email marketing is still one of the best ways to reach out to potential customers. So, if […]

5 SEO Link Building Strategies for 2019

To this day, if you ask any marketer, the hardest part of any proper search engine optimization (SEO) campaign is still link building. Despite how challenging it is, it is still the single most significant factor that determines the ranking of your pages on search engine results pages (SERPs). Backlinks are simply too important a […]

5 Ways B2B Integration Challenges Disrupt Business

Finger pointing at futuristic graphics

Business to business integration, also known as B2B is a situation where a business makes a commercial transaction with another. The situation archetypally occurs whenever a business sources materials for production process.

Factors You Should Consider Before Hiring The Best Security Firm

Have you decided to hire a security firm to ensure the safety of your business? Well, the importance of security cannot be over emphasized. The security firms provide security guards for buildings, door staff and other security services to meet all your safety needs. Although there are many security firms out there in the market, […]

6 Facts About CBD That You Should Know

Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, has created quite a buzz these days. What once was an enigma to the entire world has come to the forefront as a natural therapeutic compound. Scientists have been actively studying CBD and there’s a lot of information they have released about it. What’s better is- these research findings […]

Brexit and the Blockchain

With the UK on the verge of walking away from the EU with no deal, you’d be forgiven for assuming that terms such as zilliqa price and blockchain are pretty far from the UK government’s agenda just now. You would, however, be wrong. As the government scrambles to get its trade deals and regulations sorted, […]

The Specifics of Binoculars and their Exclusive Types

Binoculars are a common optical instrument that you may often come across in your daily life. The instruments are used to view distant objects as well as ascertain the distance between the viewpoints and the objects. One can find the use of these instruments in military, astronomy and tourism. A binocular is composed of two […]