Investing in Blockchain Without Purchasing Bitcoin: How to Get Started

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Blockchain is all around us at this point, and it’s hard to deny the huge potential behind the technology. Its presence in our future is undoubted now, and many people have been trying to guess the exact impact of blockchain technology on various markets in order to know how to plan their own moves into […]

Why is it worth it to play Final Fantasy XIV?

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Final Fantasy XIV has a very distinctive visual appeal to it. This is one of those games that a lot of people want to play again and again. Not because it’s simple, but because it has a ton of content, great gameplay and it’s just a pleasure to enjoy. Among many other features, as you […]

Is moving your analytics to the cloud worth it?

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According to Cisco’s Global Cloud Index, enterprise workloads and compute instances will account for 73 percent of total data center workloads by 2021. The report further suggests that by 2021, 1. 75 percent of the entire cloud workloads will be SaaS 2. 16 percent of the entire cloud workloads will be IaaS 3. 9 percent […]

The power of web design as a central modern business strategy

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When it comes to good business in the modern age, it goes without saying that digital implementation is playing more and more of a significant role in central business strategizing. Businesses that want to do well in today’s exceedingly competitive marketplace must effectively take command of all the available avenues that have the potential to […]

How Technology is Making Investing Easier

Technology is changing the way we invest our money. Over the last several decades, apps and trading platforms have made investing more accessible and has put downward pressure on fees. Here’s how technology is making investing easier: Buying and Selling Securities At one time, investors would have to call their stockbrokers if they wanted to […]

How Technology is Changing the Way Canadians Deal with Credit

Credit card reader and mobile phone with NFC technology for cashless payment transaction

No matter what corner of the world you live in, your credit will play an important role in your life. From taking out mortgages to buying cars and taking out credit cards, credit scores will determine how much you can borrow – if at all. In Canada, like most other countries, the higher your credit […]

Data Expert Rohit Gupta Talks Storage Strategy and Tech Trends

It’s a Jungle Out There In the early days of the internet, raw data was essentially seen as service byproduct of the service. Browsing habits and bits of user data passed by largely unnoticed. Even sites and companies that diligently collected and organized user data didn’t really know what it could be used for. Fast-forward […]

Saurabh Rajwade, M&A Expert, on How the Biggest Companies Make Deals

Shifting Powers There’s a moment in the original edition of The Hobbit by J.R.R.Tolkien where Bilbo and his traveling companions are moving through the mountains, and they see giants hurling rocks at each other, changing the shape of the mountains themselves. This image may be illustrative when discussing the contemporary technology sector. Competition is fierce […]

9 Tips to Maximize Compensation in Personal Injury Cases

If you have any insurance that covers you for a personal injury, this article is for you. It so happens that when you place a claim, the insurance company will try to look after its own interest. This may not be enough to fulfil all your expenses and medical treatment. If you have any rehabilitative […]

Responsive Web Design: What is it?

Responsive web design is a term that SEO experts use regularly. But, it is more dynamic than merely resizing a screen. Responsive Web Design Basics Screens differ in size depending on the device. Responsive web design is directly responsible for resizing websites so that they fit in the display for viewing. Large desktop monitors, far […]

TV Tuner Dongle for Smartphones: Are They Safe?

With the internet consuming millions of audiences around the world thanks to streaming on Netflix, YouTube and Twitch, you might think that TV is dead now. But in truth, it’s still alive and kicking. While some choose to go binge-watch Netflix shows like Umbrella Academy, there are some who want to kick it old school […]

How to Get More Green in 2019

The economy is going at a pretty good pace. Actually, not just good- it’s going gangbusters. GDP grew by 2.2% in 2017, and in 2018 it grew by 2.9%- the largest growth since 2015! Your customers are happy, shipments are going out on time, jobs are getting done- and done well. There are plenty of […]

What to Do When You Get Occupational Asthma

Do you work around chemicals, dust, latex, mold, or animals? If you do, you could be at risk for occupational asthma. Triggered by air irritants, this lung disease inflames your airways, making them swell to the point where it’s harder for air to get through. In response, you’ll find breathing more difficult, and you may […]