M Saran

Is moving your analytics to the cloud worth it?

person pointing the monitor WIFI signal

According to Cisco’s Global Cloud Index, enterprise workloads and compute instances will account for 73 percent of total data center workloads by 2021. The report further suggests that by 2021, 1. 75 percent of the entire cloud workloads will be SaaS 2. 16 percent of the entire cloud workloads will […]

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The power of web design as a central modern business strategy

Paper cutout of computer screen

When it comes to good business in the modern age, it goes without saying that digital implementation is playing more and more of a significant role in central business strategizing. Businesses that want to do well in today’s exceedingly competitive marketplace must effectively take command of all the available avenues […]

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How Technology is Making Investing Easier

Technology is changing the way we invest our money. Over the last several decades, apps and trading platforms have made investing more accessible and has put downward pressure on fees. Here’s how technology is making investing easier: Buying and Selling Securities At one time, investors would have to call their […]

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4 Ways DevOps Teams Use Process Diagrams

If you have been keeping tabs on the IT and development communities in the past years, you will know that DevOps is having a well-deserved moment. In fact, Forrester even declared that 2018 is the “Year of Enterprise DevOps.” According to the data, more than 50% of organizations have implemented […]

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Responsive Web Design: What is it?

Responsive web design is a term that SEO experts use regularly. But, it is more dynamic than merely resizing a screen. Responsive Web Design Basics Screens differ in size depending on the device. Responsive web design is directly responsible for resizing websites so that they fit in the display for […]

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How to Get More Green in 2019

The economy is going at a pretty good pace. Actually, not just good- it’s going gangbusters. GDP grew by 2.2% in 2017, and in 2018 it grew by 2.9%- the largest growth since 2015! Your customers are happy, shipments are going out on time, jobs are getting done- and done […]

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