How Social Media Gave Birth to One of the Largest Recovery Groups: Christopher Ferry

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Some of the most significant battles that we fight are the ones within ourselves. Addiction has grown to become an increasingly volatile issue, affecting millions of people across the globe. One of the primary pain points is the lack of awareness and support for people who are battling addiction today. Christopher Ferry is no stranger […]

Top 5 Common Mistakes That You Ought to Avoid When Buying a Gaming Laptop

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The excitement that comes with owning a laptop used in gaming is unexplainable. However, the slightest mistake during the purchasing process can ultimately wreak havoc on your entire gaming experience. You ought to conduct detailed research on various laptops for your gaming needs before you purchase one. Are you afraid of making mistakes that other […]

RIFT by ILCoin: How Enterprises Can Benefit From Adopting Blockchain


Despite being the main obstacle for blockchain adoption for years, the scalability issue is finally a thing of the past. In the second part of November, ILCoin Blockchain Project released a new RIFT protocol that optimized data transfer, allowing to boost transaction speed to millions of transactions per second and create 5 Gb blocks – […]

Here is Why You Should Future Proof Your IT Training Investment


Technology is in a constant state of flux, with new technologies coming out regularly. As a business, this can be concerning when you have invested money to train your IT staff. To keep employees up-to-date with the latest technologies, organizations need to make efforts to future proof their workforce and their training investment. What Does […]

What is Real-Time Bidding in Advertising?


Plenty of people create news and rumors on real-time bidding in advertising. Nevertheless, for the bulk of web users, the term and its importance still are a total mystery. In this article, we are going to represent the real-time bidding (RTB) explained in human words so that you may take advantage of it for your […]

How to Choose The Best Checklists App for Your Business in 2020

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Sometimes business owners need more than 24 hours in a day to get things done. From reviewing, organizing and handling new employee on-boarding forms, expense reimbursement forms, vacation requests, sick leave forms, safety reports, invoices, and more, you often find yourself drowning in paperwork. As a result, stress kicks in and productivity plummets.  Here’s the […]

How to Make a Digital Transformation Successful

In business, it’s important to move with the times and respond to market and industry changes. In recent years, these changes have been caused by technology advancing at an exponential rate, which subsequently causes huge changes in the business world. It’s been proven time and again that those leading in tech often reap the benefits, […]

How HR Can Drive Productivity

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Workplace productivity is essential for maximizing profits. Too many companies have productivity problems that prevent them from reaching their full potential. The human resources department bridges the gap between the goals of the employer with the needs and abilities of the employees. A company’s human resources are its most valuable asset. They need to be […]

How To Protect Your Personal Data With A VPN?


The internet is a great tool whether it’s working remotely, keeping in touch with family and friends or gaining access to the latest movies and streaming them. However, while there is a great deal of good there is a downside too. Hackers and thieves utilise the internet for their own means. While virus and malware […]

VPN Faceoff: Getting the Most for Your Business

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Business is work and work is difficult. What is even more difficult is the effort and time required to see your startup  grow. Funds invested, leisure denied, business solutions engaged and expert help paid for. After all of these efforts and more, the last thing you need is not to make the most of any […]

How Artificial Intelligence Will Run Your Schedule

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The boom of personal assistant artificial intelligence will likely continue according to Microsoft. Company employees can tell an artificial assistant powered by artificial intelligence how many people need to sit down at a meeting and an assistant will return ideas and places where a meeting can take place. Microsoft also believes that artificial intelligence will […]

3 Tips to Make Your Customer Service Emails More Effective

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Customer service emails play a vital role in how customers see and relate with your business. It is still an efficient way of reaching out to existing customers and making sure they stay customers. And since in a lot of cases, communication is not face-to-face, you have very little control over how your client reacts. […]

Why Are Swiss Watches The Best & Why Are They So Expensive?

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It is no longer news that Switzerland makes some of the best wristwatches, and with clear evidence like Patek Philippe watches, one would be curious why the best watches come from that region. As a matter of fact, a watch can only be referred to as “Swiss made” if it meets certain sets of conditions […]

Infrapedia Shows How Data Is Not “In The Cloud” But Rather Underwater


Network engineers know all too well that most of the critical infrastructure which we think reside “in the cloud”, is actually located underwater. Now they use infrapedia as a vital planning tool to see where exactly current network and datacentre assets are located, to check the operational status of critical internet infrastructure – and to […]