Application Modernization – Why and When Should You Do It?

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Traditionally, modernizing an application needs rewriting of the existing application code written in COBOL to a more modern, web-friendly language to extend the life of the application. For about three decades, modernizing legacy applications meant moving from Mainframe to PC, to web, to mobile, and now to cloud. What remained constant over time is the […]

Virginia Beach: A New Hub Is Born

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The shape of the Internet is continuously evolving and expanding, just like our vast universe. Large amounts of data are being transported across networks and stored at data centers around the globe. New companies arise, others fall. And, the rise of massive, hyper-scale cloud infrastructures only seems to speed up the expansion of the Internet […]

5 Things You Might Not Know About Home Burglary


Hollywood has led us to believe a lot of things about burglary that are just not true. For example, how many TV commercials have you seen that portray an angry burglar ready to smash a window and confront a homeowner? Such scenes make for successful selling, but they seldom reflect reality. The truth about burglary […]

The Low-Code Story That Developers Are Weaving


As the market demand for app development continues to grow, it is difficult for organizations using traditional development approaches to keep up with it. The fast pace of business requirements has created an environment of cut-throat competition as companies fall short of skill sets catering to the growing demands.   In this bleak atmosphere of the […]

Importance of Containers in Modern Application Development

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In April 2016, PayPal launched its first container in QA and production. After only a few months, they started realizing the advantages of containers which was being able to modernize their architecture without updating the entire application. With over 210 million active users, PayPal also noticed a 10% to 20% increase in efficiency for some […]

3 Tricks for Ordering Taxis Online

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These days there seems to be an app for anything. You can pre-order your coffee for pickup, rent your entire wardrobe, or get points just for eating at certain restaurants during certain times. You’ll never have to do your laundry again, or go grocery shopping — even a task as quotidian as buying your own […]

Things to Consider When Buying Holiday Toys for your Child

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Shopping for a new toy is more than randomly picking any toy from the shelves. When buying a toy for your child, you naturally want the best to bring delight to him/her. While there are so many varieties of toys to choose from, you need to make prior considerations before going down the toy aisle.  […]

Everything You Need To Know About AIOps

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What is AIOps? As you can probably guess from the name, AIOps is what happens when you put AI and DevOps together. DevOps is the idea that IT and development departments should be integrated and automated. Essentially, IT builds a pipeline that includes environments, automated testing, and release. This leaves developers free to simply write […]

3 Tips When Creating Promotional Kits

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What’s the biggest challenge promotional marketing team’s face when it comes to getting consumers to use their product or service? What steps can they take to introduce their brand to the right audience in a way that informs, entertains, and educates? A custom-packaged promotional marketing kit is one of the most effective ways to meet […]

SolidStudio: A Simple (But Complete) Review

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Poland is one of the top countries when it comes to software development, with highly skilled developers. The country also boasts of advanced tech ecosystems.  Solidstudio software house is a Poland based company that provides software development services for startups and companies. They work with companies building and migrating products in the cloud developed to […]

Order Group: A Complete Solutions Review 2019

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Order Group is a Poland-based software development company that delivers high-quality services for the most demanding corporate and startup clients. Order Group has some of the best developers who build bespoke IT solutions and systems using optimized, safe, high-quality code with modern and user-friendly interfaces. Order Group helps its clients build products for the best […]

Top 5 Chinese CEOs The West Doesn’t Know Yet

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The current corporate landscape is filled with stories of Western CEOs who have reached great heights, but the rest of the world is quickly catching up. China, for instance, already hosts more than a quarter of the world’s unicorn startups, and its corporations—including global brands like Tencent and Alibaba—are major competitors in the global economy.  […]

Reasons Why You Should Use A CMS To Run Your Site

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A content management system [CMS] is a software application used in the production and management of a website. It allows anyone, even the less savvy on technology to place content on the website and keep track of it without complications.  For many businesses, an enterprise CMS is the core of the business. Using CMS to […]

Investors’ High Hopes for CBD Sector Growth

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Growth potential in CBD stocks is less speculation, and more a series of events that investors cannot ignore. Together, they signal the sudden unlocking of an enormous yet untouched industry with immeasurable demand. It is widely known that sales of illegal Cannabis products are historically voluminous, and a drop of this river has already been […]

Why Mobile Marketing is a Huge Source of Revenue?

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There has been a lot of changes in our lives as technology got more and more improved. The first cellular mobile phone Dyna-Tac was invented by Martin Cooper in 1973 and it opened a way for phone communication without cables. Years later, the term ‘’smartphone’’ had a very important place in our lives. As time […]