Effective Way Of Increasing Conversions On Your Ecommerce Store

Ecommerce is one of the biggest and most profitable businesses today. However, as big as it is, it requires lots of determination, sacrifice and essential resources. The buying pattern has over the last few years shifted from physical shops to online space. Research shows most of the people look out for online reviews and other […]

Common Mistakes Made When Migrating Your Web Hosting Service

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A lot of website owners are unhappy about their web host providers. However, they are afraid to switch to another web host because it may take time to migrate and it has an impact on the SEO ranking of your website. While you may be tolerant of your service provider, you may give up and […]

How Home Healthcare Improves Patient Quality of Life and Longevity

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Home healthcare with a Home Health Aide, or Nursing Homecare? It’s an agonizing question that many families are faced with, and with baby boomers aging into their seventies and eighties, more families than ever will be mulling over this complicated decision. While some people view nursing home care as the more convenient option, particularly when […]

Tré Yung Delivers as a Lyricist and Beat Master with Dark ‘N’ Sharp Album

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Brooklyn rapper, Tré Young, began making music while attending Kingsborough Community College as a promising track star but was soon booted from the track team for smoking weed, a vice he remains unapologetic about. Rather than sulk, Yung saw the dismissal as a call-to-action to dive into writing, recording and touring. He linked up with […]

Tips On How To Improve Your Wix Site SEO

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A website is one of the basic necessities of any business in the modern-day where all engagements and transactions happen online. While seeking to build a performing website for your business, one of the key considerations that you ought to make is choosing the right website builder that will meet the specific needs of your […]

Common Causes of Blurry Vision

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Does everything suddenly look blurry? Before you panic, rest assured that blurred vision is more common than you may think- in fact, it is the most common eyesight problem, and it often isn’t anything to worry about. If you are experiencing blurry vision, there is likely a good explanation for it, as well as a […]

Are Diamonds Worthless If We Cannot Use Them To Turn On Our Stove?


You cannot change where and the state that you were born but you can always shape your destiny, this is not just a saying but it is a real experience for one Kasimir brand. Kasimir has become one of the most influential people in the world today eating the odds of people who had a […]

Application Modernization – Why and When Should You Do It?

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Traditionally, modernizing an application needs rewriting of the existing application code written in COBOL to a more modern, web-friendly language to extend the life of the application. For about three decades, modernizing legacy applications meant moving from Mainframe to PC, to web, to mobile, and now to cloud. What remained constant over time is the […]

Virginia Beach: A New Hub Is Born

Virginia Beach Southest Virginia Ocean Shore

The shape of the Internet is continuously evolving and expanding, just like our vast universe. Large amounts of data are being transported across networks and stored at data centers around the globe. New companies arise, others fall. And, the rise of massive, hyper-scale cloud infrastructures only seems to speed up the expansion of the Internet […]

5 Things You Might Not Know About Home Burglary


Hollywood has led us to believe a lot of things about burglary that are just not true. For example, how many TV commercials have you seen that portray an angry burglar ready to smash a window and confront a homeowner? Such scenes make for successful selling, but they seldom reflect reality. The truth about burglary […]

The Low-Code Story That Developers Are Weaving


As the market demand for app development continues to grow, it is difficult for organizations using traditional development approaches to keep up with it. The fast pace of business requirements has created an environment of cut-throat competition as companies fall short of skill sets catering to the growing demands.   In this bleak atmosphere of the […]

Importance of Containers in Modern Application Development

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In April 2016, PayPal launched its first container in QA and production. After only a few months, they started realizing the advantages of containers which was being able to modernize their architecture without updating the entire application. With over 210 million active users, PayPal also noticed a 10% to 20% increase in efficiency for some […]

3 Tricks for Ordering Taxis Online

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These days there seems to be an app for anything. You can pre-order your coffee for pickup, rent your entire wardrobe, or get points just for eating at certain restaurants during certain times. You’ll never have to do your laundry again, or go grocery shopping — even a task as quotidian as buying your own […]

Things to Consider When Buying Holiday Toys for your Child

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Shopping for a new toy is more than randomly picking any toy from the shelves. When buying a toy for your child, you naturally want the best to bring delight to him/her. While there are so many varieties of toys to choose from, you need to make prior considerations before going down the toy aisle.  […]

Everything You Need To Know About AIOps

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What is AIOps? As you can probably guess from the name, AIOps is what happens when you put AI and DevOps together. DevOps is the idea that IT and development departments should be integrated and automated. Essentially, IT builds a pipeline that includes environments, automated testing, and release. This leaves developers free to simply write […]