Judy Sander

Latin American Music Influence

Syrome Latin America Music Scene

No matter who you ask, they will tell you how much music matters. Unlike almost anything else in the world, the arts, including dance, music, and graphic arts, can evoke feelings in human beings and connect them to one another and to long-forgotten time, places, and events. Music has a […]

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Stressed Millennials Turn to Age-Old Wisdom: The Modern Application of Vijay Eswaran’s Sphere of Silence

Vijay Eswaran

Burnout has become an all-too-familiar buzzword among millennials. Research does suggest that this generation is worse off in the workplace than their parents were – millennials are reportedly working more hours but earning less than the baby boomers did at the same stage of life.  Millennials do nearly everything differently […]

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What Everyone Ought to Know About the Crucial Role Churches Play in The Education of Society

church pews altar

The Church can be defined in two different ways, either as the physical building for public Christian worship or as the whole body of Christian believers. Whichever way you define it; the Church has played a crucial role in the education of society throughout history. Most worldly Faiths—Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, […]

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9 Ways to Prevent a Migraine

man holding his head

Headache may seem like a minor issue considering the number of conditions and diseases a human body is exposed to. But, even a simple headache can turn into a severe and life-impairing problem. Migraine is one such form of intense headache which can trigger many related issues and cause uneasiness. […]

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Does meditation actually work?

Everywhere you look on the internet, there are more and more people saying the word “meditation” and how effective it was to stabilize their mental health, help them perform better in both mental and physical activities and how healthy it is. But is it really true? Does meditation actually help […]

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