Jimmy Pham

Substratum: Under the Hood

In this day and age, laws and regulations regarding what can be accessed, published, or viewed on the internet have spiraled out of control. From extremes like foreign firewalls–which block access to certain websites like Google and the New York Times–to the relatively less extreme, yet very concerning, like American […]

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What to Expect in 2019 for SEO Marketing

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a service provided by marketing consultants and firms to entrepreneurs who own online businesses. The primary responsibility of the consultant and agency is measuring and tracking SEO success of marketing strategies and tools used to bring the existence of a website on the internet. […]

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5 free alternatives to merge PDFs

We all deal with PDF documents. From e-books, manuals, invoices or bank statements, the digital world has demanded that you standardize a format and PDF has fulfilled its function well. However, for organizational reasons or to block access to certain content, one of the most recurring tasks is to merge […]

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Robots in the modern factory

Job search concept. Robots looking for a job. Smiley unemployed robotic character with friends

Collaborative robots have only been around for about ten years now. For the early adopters who mainstreamed them early, they have seen and enjoyed the wonders that collaborative robots could bring to production on the factory floor. Over the years, their knowledge and demand have increased over time. They are […]

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RecoverInboundLinks™ a New SEO Tool 

Truly said, attaining inbound links skyrockets your site’s visibility on search engine. Most website owners must have learned that link building is a bit costly and time-devouring task. And surely it may take a lot of your precious time though there is no guarantee that your links serve for long. […]

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Docker Logging for IT Container Solutions

Docker logging has been an integral part of container solutions for several years now and has quickly changed information technology (IT) technology operations when transferring software from one environment to another. Issues tend to arise during the migration of information as software, networks, storage, secure sockets layer (SSL) libraries or […]

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