How digital transformation is transforming and innovating the financial industry

Digital transformation is a popular concept that companies, whether traditional or modern, are exploring to see if they can gain a sustainable competitive advantage. A company has achieved digital transformation when it uses emerging and sometimes disruptive technologies to significantly improve existing processes and business activities. In the financial world, the digital transformation seems to […]

How to Measure Influencer Marketing ROI

Have you started up your next influencer marketing campaign? There’s a reason why this type of marketing is booming. It delivers average returns that are 11 times higher than traditional digital marketing, so it’s worth the investment. But it can be difficult to calculate ROI. In this guide we’re going to go into how you […]

Banking’s Digital Dilemma: Assessing Security Concerns

Online banking is central to how Americans approach money management today, and as an offshoot of traditional banking, almost everyone has a stake in it. Despite its importance, though, many people feel anxious about digital banking security; people use it, but not without worries. Many of the innovations devised and implemented by new fintech groups, […]

The Difference Between Venture Capital and Private Equity with Matthew Ledvina

Venture capital and private equity are two types of investment into a company or companies, where investors exit and hopefully make a profit by selling in equity financing. The similarities mean the two terms often get confused, but there are many differences between these two types of investing. The main differences are the life-stage of […]

How Lighting in Basketball Stadiums can Impact the Game

Laptop parts on a table

Your star player takes a pass through the middle and is streaking down the court. He leaps and makes a spectacular dunk—unfortunately the audience couldn’t see the play develop because of poor illumination. Basketball is one of the most fast-paced, high-intensity sports in existence, and every second matters. Make sure your audience can catch every […]

Pre-Owned Potential – Getting the Most Out of a Used Car

If you are a first time car owner or simply someone who is looking to buy a car at a more affordable price, a second hand car may be the best option for you. When purchasing a used car, it is essential that you ensure you do some research into exactly what you are buying. […]

How To Dropship Legally

A basic guideline on how to dropship legally, such as navigating through the processes of licensing, how to download AliExpress invoices to pay taxes, etc.

Why Data Masking Matters for Businesses Today

75% of people will not buy into a product no matter how splendid it is, as long as the brand behind it doesn’t take data protection seriously, according to PR News Wire. With the new GDPR regulations that were enacted from the 25th of May 2018, most businesses that comply do not have to worry […]

Why You Should Consider Using Infographics

In today’s Internet landscape, if you want people to actually listen to what you have to say, you have to be able to convey that information in an interesting, but also very easy to read and digest fashion. Some people go for elaborate text explanations, while others focus on flashy videos. We, as species, respond […]

NFL’s Huge Growth in the UK And What It Can Do for Businesses

With the biggest game in American sport concluded, the Lombardi trophy lifted by the New England Patriots for the sixth time, we can look forward to the 2019 NFL season and what it has to offer. While many in the US may be burnt out from the regular appearance of the New England Patriots in […]

Colliding Cards: Consolidating Credit Card Debt

If you feel like you are pounding down with various credit card balances, consolidating debt is a way that leads you to breathe free from your financial misery. Consolidating your credit card debt can result in large savings. Instead of paying high-interest rates and multiple payments every month, you can get a lower rate and […]

How Slow Broadband Can Affect Your Business

More and more people, including businesses, are reporting dissatisfaction with their internet providers. Although internet connection is more reliable overall, the main complaint received is in regards to internet speeds or, more specifically, not getting the speeds promised. It’s certainly annoying for households who are trying to stream TV, download media or play online games […]